"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Film director Eldar Ryazanov tends to inflate the myths around them, and it has long been known. Around the "Italian" maestro too myths such ponakrutil pretty.
In the 1970s, he said that "Mosfilm" and Dino De Laurentiis decided to saw money left over from the production of "Waterloo." As a result, the film was removed. At the same Ryazanov he painted, as the Italian producers choked his creative individuality, forcing to do the eccentric comedy instead of social drama. He supposedly fought like a fish on the ice, but the sharks of capitalism insisted on his.
But recently I heard a version ostensibly they Braginsky wrote surprisingly good script "Spaghetti in Russian", rejected by bureaucrats of the State cinema, but then We went to Italy, and there opus took a bang.
Both options are full Khlestakovism. Probably just give money, they said.. "! Take off" and creative personality, not piknuv, lifted and removed
extremely bad movie
"Italians" are helpless even at the level of the scenario. It is easy to notice that there are quite rude combined "12 chairs" and "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" (a brilliant comedy Stanley Kramer). Dialogues are terrible, and it is clear that the writers relied on visual gloss pictures on spectacular stunts and tricks.
To make this kind of film, it is necessary to have an appropriate way of thinking. Gaidai could put tricks. Stanley Kramer was able to put tricks. Wachowski brothers, Peter Jackson, James Cameron et al. Are able to make a spectacular movie.
But Ryazanov did not know how to do it then, can not now and never was able to. Come up with something clumsy and inexpressive than tricks in "Italian" is very difficult. Inexpressive - because without imagination, without inspiration, without taste. For more wretchedness gives them the moment that all the boring machine performs tricks with the "Zhiguli" and `Moskvichi`. Even where Ryazanov wants to split caper (eg, fueling the explosion scene where he puts quite a dull parody of "Zabriskie Point"), everything goes very, very bad. The entire film has turned out sluggish, no drive there (although Ryazanov says that on the set of the Italian actors ached, not withstanding fire pace). Taken all below average, with the belly of a car window - in general, it's not like people. Music Rustichello no sediment leaves in the soul.
On bezrybe, however, and "Italians" have gone in the first grade. According to some misunderstanding, this film is still without end is shown on TV.
Ryazanov mindful that the film's producer on the show in the first row were people who laughed as the cut. Then it turned out that they have paid for it specifically - it was necessary to appease the Dino di Laurentiis
Even if this is another fabrication Ryazanov, here it is not far from the truth, rather.. Laugh at "Italian" is possible only for the money.
And one more thing from the memoirs. When we wrote the script, with Ryazanov Braginsky decided that the "Italians" would be "a shame, paid in the currency".
This is the bull's-eye. So it is.
1 of 10 (sorry, in the assessment of no negative numbers)

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