"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 1970, the year had finished filming the epic drama about one of the most famous military battles - the Battle of Waterloo. Responsible for directing our master and classic of native cinema Sergei Bondarchuk and starring were involved in the then popular actors Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer and Orson Welles. The picture was taken off the joint efforts of Soviet and Italian filmmakers, and the latter represents a production center Dino De Laurentiis. Agree that for a person who is interested in cinema, the name of Dino De Laurentiis - not an empty phrase. And it turns out that this world-renowned center owes 'Mosfilm', which in turn represented the interests of Soviet filmmakers, and for a long time could not settle. And here it was made a Solomonic solution: Dino De Laurentiis and the company is developing a new film that will be shot again in cooperation with the USSR. And then from the shelf was raised by the script written by Emil Braginsky and Eldar Ryazanov. Thus began the story of one of the best adventure comedies of the Soviet era "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia", which the audience saw it in 1973 year.
Italians demanded that the film has become as it is now called, more spectacular, and then in the original script They were added scenes with stunts, chases, jumping from a height, and even to the lion! At that time not many films our then the viewer can see the genre in the 'Action' (though this term no one did not know at that time). But even this would not pulled people to the cinemas: it was only mentioned on the posters name Eldar Ryazanov, beloved and still the director who created many masterpieces, as well as his constant screenwriter Emil Bragin. And a special glow smacked the name of Andrei Mironov, the leading man ... It does not make sense to add more anything. The rest of the main characters have played Italian actors. It is unlikely that there will find these same celebrities as Andrei Mironov, but after the premiere of 'The Incredible Adventures of Italians in Russia "all of them have become widely recognizable and welcome guest in our country that time, however, the chance they have not taken advantage of. And the actress Antonia Santilli in a moment became a real sex symbol for Soviet men, however, then the actress is no longer played any role, devoting himself to the care of the family.
general Anthony Santilli at home is often played in the film with a certain erotic overtones, so undress in front of the camera she was not so difficult, but for the USSR scene with nudity - it is something out of the ordinary. And the scene with her figure without clothes has become a cult. In Italy, in the movie Antonia Santilli did not become a famous actress, but here in the Soviet Union ... The only one was still recognizable - it's a funny comic actor, often starred in Pier Paolo Pasolini - Ninetto Davoli. Italian-like haircut at our lion Boniface, provocatively created a strong image of the comedy of his gentle nurse, repeatedly forcing the smile, or even laugh heartily. "Andrew, do you want a million? ' - classic phrase from the movie, make a scene out of a few seconds in the same classic. He played in the film and the actor-parodist alighiero noschese, created sharply contrasting image in comparison with the nurse from Davoli. Alighiero noschese hero - a very cunning and clever man, but with a highly inflated ego is a consequence of, and prevents to take his character somehow seriously. This is not a bug of the actor for the film so the image fits perfectly, and the actor gave his perfectly, creating a successful tandem with all the same Ninetto Davoli.
Such a convex image of the small Italian mafia created Tano Cimarosa, which in actual fact was actor puppet theaters, and, according to critics, a remarkable man in his profession. It was addressed to him saying: '! To you as a lifetime hunching', which is also firmly established in the verbal everyday life of our people. The most out of their small part of the patient with a broken leg had survived our great Evgeniy Evstigneev, who also presented the idiom: 'Do not! I myself! '. Briefly and succinctly. Bravo, Evgeny, bravo! And now it's time to say a few words about Andrei Mironov ... What is there to actually say. One of the most popular actors in the history of national cinema as he was always on top, the Italians of the capitalist West, he showed that we can perform tricks, and once done the first step to the very real lion of King named. Eldar Ryazanov after the torment this beast took an oath to take anything from the other animals, but we, as the audience, the twists and turns of the film to anything - the famous prosecution lion adventurers, treasure hunters through the deserted streets of Leningrad at the time of white nights is firmly stuck in the memory carefully stored there.
How to store and shared memories about the adventure comedy of Eldar Ryazanov 'Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia "Andrei Mironov and others. This pattern has long become a classic, expression, and quotes from the movie have become commonly used in our verbal everyday life. Feed classic phrases supported and scenes from the film, which alone, what can you do, there is one scene involving a slim Antonia Santilli. And Andrei Mironov ... It is always and forever the only unbeaten and Andrei Mironov
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PS:! The Lion King belonged to the architect Lev Lvovich Berberova that as an architect has done a lot for my home town.

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