"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Soviet film distribution in 1973 hit of the year «Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia» is a free interpretation of the famous novel «12 chairs» with a modern twist. The Soviet-Italian comedy about the search for the treasure of directors Eldar Ryazanov and Franco Prosperi . This picture is worth filmography Eldar Ryazanov mansion, neither before nor after him did not have to work "duet" with another director, and even a foreigner. Was new for the Ryazanov and the form of co-production - the film was shot in the USSR and Italy, with Soviet and Italian actors, under the control of not only the Soviet kinonachalnikov but and the famous Italian producer Dino De Laurentiis . Of course, the chosen form of buffoonery is very vulnerable and not surprisingly, brought on film criticism from professionals.
film about the adventures of Italians in the Soviet Union was to be lyrical, gentle comedy, something like «Twist of Fate" or «Office romance» . But the Italian producers and writers flatly rejected the idea Eldar Ryazanov . In the west, to the confusion of genres in general a complex relationship. If comedy - means to be funny, if a tragedy - sad. But viewers have to surprise and entertain. And then the Ryazanov to Braginsky, to prove that the Russian any mountain on the shoulder, saturated scenario countless gags and stunts. «Italians in Russia» has turned out very trick, eccentric comedy cascade Ryazanov .
The plot revolves around the search for the treasure. Elderly Russian lord dies, having their wealth to bequeath to his granddaughter, hidden during the Revolution in the Petersburg . But searching for them in the Russia is sent not only one granddaughter, and a group of treasure hunters. However, the Italians do not know what the brave Soviet police does not sleep, and in the Russia is already waiting for their charming and courageous policeman disguised as a guide.
Eldar Ryazanov wanted to in his Italian film starring the stars of the first magnitude, such as Alberto Sordi or Monica Vitti . But the Italian producers are not too believe in the success of the Russian ribbon at the box office, so we decided not to risk it and save on fees. On the role of the little-known actors were invited, which, however, perfectly coped with their roles. Of course, there is not so much the characters and masks, very common in the Italian comedies - artful beauty Anthony Santilli, narcissistic womanizer alighiero noschese, fool Ninetto Davoli mafia Tano Cimarosa, the doctor-deceiver Gigi Ballista . The result was an excellent one-piece ensemble, which is very organic supplemented Soviet stars
Ryazanov chose actors who seemed made for eccentric comedies -. Andrei Mironov, Evgeni Evstigneev, Olga Aroseva. Mironov - real soul of this film . «What you are Russian, you Neapolitan» , - these words, addressed to the hero can easily be attributed to the very actors who really superior temperament Italians. In addition, on the set of Mironov hit Ryazanov boldness and courage. He served as risky stunts - down by a carpet from the sixth floor of the hotel «Astoria» , hung over Neva, caught on the edge of the bridge, talking lion standing by him at arm's length. A more Mironov here, as in any film, handsome and charming . When he was a hero in the beginning of the film arrives to the plane as a gift, once you understand - Italian not stand
romantic line is very well combined with a trick.. In the film, practically, a combined survey, unique tricks performed by the Soviet and Italian stunt: here and landing aircraft among the cars, and the present stage of car chases, and the explosion of a gas station, and jumping from the bridge to the ship-divorced, and catch-up with a live lion. Adorable witty dialogues and parodic moments with the national colors: Italian: «Mafia is immortal!", "Warning! Fish knock down » , and Russian « On Matryoshka! » . And not a single trick in the film is not "just so", they are all relevant, original and witty. It complements the charm of the film's excellent music, melodic and playful, which skilfully interwoven and classical motifs, and Russian folk and Neapolitan. It would be unfair not to say about the actors dubbing, they are 50% of the entire Italian side did. Alexander Bielawski, Mikhail Kononov, Natalia Gurzo, and especially Michael Gluzsky ( Rosario Agro ).
The film is wonderful ! During the first viewing, I remember laughing out loud (as well as over the other, is completely Italian comedy «Bingo Bongo» ). Yes, the film is funny not Soviet. Yes, humor gaydaevsky longer than Riasanovsky, but it's certainly not a drawback. Funny, kind, well-staged comedy with wonderful Andrei Mironov . I am pleased to reconsider it, and on occasion, I will look more.
This film is designed for the broad mass of spectators . He is clear and simple as befits a typical comedy gaydaevskie "gags" and other funny tricks here quite to the point. The film is funny, and the good, vulgarity in it nothing more than people gaydaevskih favorite films. Well, "serious criticism", with excessive "intellectual level", the film -. A convenient occasion to express their profound savory "phi", that here and there in some reviews
And the finale - it's just a harbinger of Hollywood «Bodyguard» . Light butterfly dart Olga from the plane straight into the hands of the beloved Soviet policeman, and already it does not matter who it is who the foreigner does not respect borders and treasures, important only love.
Vieni! Amore, vieni, io ti amo. Torna!
Torna, amore mio, perch? ti voglio bene!
Come, my love, because I love you ...
And she will come back, definitely!
8 of 10

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