"Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Italy, more than any other Western European country, has carried with historical and cultural heritage. This is especially true, of course, the majestic Rome. Born in the "eternal city" the Italians with their mother's milk absorbs all the delights of life in the cradle of the world civilization. It's no secret that people from the Apennine peninsula - not the most hardworking people in the world. In Rome, for example, is considered normal if a man for no apparent reason overhaul late for work or extended his lunch break. Thirst for easy money, adventurism, chasing the dream and epicurean lifestyle explained precisely geographical affiliation. Even from the very name "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" breathes good-natured fun and affectionate kindness. It seems that Eldar Ryazanov and had no idea "reforge" heroes of his paintings in the Germans, and to join forces with colleagues from the GDR. Only the spirit of sunny Italy, but the aura of immortal Rome could provide unique charm perky comedy, which to this day is a brilliant example of international cinema.
still hard to believe that a group of people from the Apennines just actors. Where rather, they simply live their daily lives, which is turned upside down after a sensational news from a dying old woman. Sharpness nurses, an important chief doctor, insidious mafioso, proud granddaughter of the deceased - a thirst Undeniable Wealth does not do all of them indistinguishable from each other. Whatever stress does not lay in wait on the way to the treasures of Leningrad, and each of the company retains a human face, and affection for loved ones. Writing out the delights of their future comfortable life, Antonio does not think of marriage with some leggy Roman women. His carefree brother in law Giuseppe just only wants to eat tasty. Mafia boss Rosario Agro at the earliest opportunity calls to Rome and inquires about a pregnant wife. These, insignificant at first glance, the nuances uniquely define the era in which saw the light of a joint film by Eldar Ryazanov and Franco Prosperi. I'm afraid that in our time the desperate adventurers soon would kill each other even before the coveted chest.
hereby legendary comedy acts sun handsome man, with a slightly guilty smile and a bouquet in her hands. On a side ladder he is approaching is not the plane, but to millions of viewers. Andrei Mironov - a man who has lived unjustly little, but does not stop by this cause their affection diligent image guide. Vasiliev - the image of the Russians, which is closest to being a "citizen of the world." In the heat of the chase for treasure, thoroughbred Italian Antonio, exclaims: "What are you Russian? You - the Neapolitan "In one of the film only two great nations have indeed become much clearer with each other!. Not only the thirst of wealth has moved close to Andrew with Italian "tourists". Immediacy always impresses a man who goes through the world with open visor. Passes half of the film, and of who is who by nationality, did not even remember what great merit and great dubbing Alexander Bielawski, Mikhail Kononov and Michael Gluzsky.
Bright title of the painting defines its essence. No time for fraternizing, looming casket with 9 billion lire! "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians Russia", of course, over-fulfill the norm of kinolyapy for any other Soviet tape. For example, the incredible vitality and regenerative abilities of native small car can not stop wondering. Planting a huge plane on roadway, flying cigar, gas station explosion, the promenade along the bottom of the lake - on the part of the special effects movie Ryazanov so ahead of its time, which is better blatant implausibility events mercifully close his eyes. Pursuit Dynamics vertiginously intertwined with the company's Ryazanovskaya comedic. Could there be another effect of the film, even if in a cameo seen Evgeni Evstigneev and his unforgettable "not zli me - kill you!"? Where else would a born killer of a child crying in frustration, saying "it is not the end, these predators!"? But overshadowing all respectable doctor, whose vigilant Customs does not issue from a plane without a passport - in the skirmish turns out even the existence of a mistress in such a respected man! What is no less valuable - humor language does not turn called overly naive or outdated
not dare to assert that the film Ryazanov has no flaws.. Out of place came the romantic story that unfolded between the Russian guide and beautiful Italian Olga. Anthony Santilli does not fit too in his role, notably losing in convincing his fellow countrymen. Olga and not too greedy and too prunes, reasonably sprightly and in a sensitive measure. Some integrity of the image did not work. There is no doubt-friendly kinship Antonio and Giuseppe. Full-grown wolf Rosario and alone damn good. The simple Russian peasant Andrei clearly not comfortable in the company of the windy Italian
How would not have been a good Italian adventurers, led by our guide, and overshadows the real star of the belt -. Lion King. Subsequently Ryazanov all curse, that he decided to contact with whimsical animals, but the game is undoubtedly worth it. King of beasts riding on the trunk - ready for the prestigious emblem of the brand, while the phrase "they are hidden beneath a lion" - has long been synonymous with treasure hunting. While the giant cat chasing hapless adventurers all over the city, the audience again and again to open the beauty of the Northern Capital. Properly selected background - is no less important than the acting troupe, and Riasanovsky Leningrad, with its white nights and really looks like a place where everyone can find their treasure, not necessarily gold
«Cheer up.. Will soon be rich! »
So unpretentious was comforting the humble brother in law Antonio. Himself a father of two children, of course, he was still a scoundrel, but in this case it is very contagious optimism. Comedy, entered the golden fund of the Soviet film classics, are one big goal - to fill our lives with joy. It seems that all the treasures of St. Petersburg for a long time have already found their owners, and, nevertheless, again and again, you can worry about the Roman jokers ready to quit his measured life in the capital and jerk towards perils. "Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia" - a perfect example of a movie that can combine totally different mentality, at least for a couple of hours. What could be more interesting treasure hunt? Only a surprisingly bright movie, in which the Soviet Union appears flourishing and prosperous.
Open heart tide of kindness, and even time-tested comedy will not fail!
9,5 10
P.S. Dedicated to beloved wife Mary and our collective memories of a honeymoon in beautiful Italy!

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