Uk online jeweller gemondo introduces designer jewellery by rodrigo otazu Essay

Rodrigo Otazu is a self-taught fashion designer. Born in Argentina, he left home as a teenager to make a living by selling jewellery on the beaches of Argentina. He started his design career a few years after he moved to Sydney. His glittering talent in fashion design and very personal style symbolises his passion for life and his all consuming desire to enhance the natural beauty of men and women. Rodrigo's inspiration comes from his discoveries while he travels around the world and the mix of art, culture and passion that he sees in different places, inspires his creativity.

Rodrigo Otazu shot to fame pearl necklace he crafted a pearl necklace on his travels came into attention of a fashion editor from Australian Vogue and it was later featured on the front cover of the magazine. This proved to be the launch pad for his design career.

Later, he set up two studios, one in Amsterdam and the other in Bali. "Amsterdam for the blondes and Bali for the beaches"," he likes the cultural differences between Europe and Asia, which helps to keep his design ideas flowing, and gives him energy to constantly challenge him and push the boundaries.

His collections became a huge success with both buyers and press. The glamour and dramatic appeal of Otazu's designs attracted huge support from celebrities. Gassan Diamonds, the well-known diamond house in Amsterdam joined forces with Otazu to design diamond pieces for Diane von Furstenberg, Aretha Franklin, Destiny's Child, Kelis, as well as Lauren Hill. He has also worked with Nelly Furtado and Madonna, Janet Jackson, Pink and Penelope Cruz.

Otazu jewellery soon became a global brand with the help of these celebrities. One of the highlights of his career was to design the jewellery for Britney Spears' Slave for You performance at the MTV Awards in 2001.

Otazu jewellery is now available in more than 15 countries with over 200 sales outlets, including key cities like London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Milan. London Fashion week is also no stranger to Otazu. During London Fashion week in 2004, Rodrigo Otazu created exclusive pieces for the esteemed designer Christian Lacroix. The cooperation was so successful, that Christian later commissioned Otazu to illuminate the catwalks in Paris. His work is also in great demand on the Internet.

Otazu has now expanded his vision into designing handbags, and shoes as well as dramatic furniture. All designs are personally created by Rodrigo Otazu with the highest possible degree of attention and hand-made at his own production unit.

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