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Throughout the length of history, the usa has remained consistent with its nationwide interest by taking a variety of actions in foreign policy. There were both immediate and longterm outcomes of these actions. International policy is the United States policy that describes how exactly we handle other countries economically and politically. It's produced by congress, the president, therefore the individuals. A few of the motivations for United States international policy are nationwide safety, economics, and idealism. The United States entry into World War I in 1917 as well as the escalation of this Vietnam War in 1964 and both had great affect the United States. A significant type of international policy in 1964 had been containment. The Vietnam War had been fought…show more content…

The objectives of the foreign policy would be to end communism containment while beginning democracies. For the United States, the war ended in withdrawal of American troops and also the failure of its foreign policy in Vietnam. Another major international policy action had been the entry to World War I. On August 4, 1914 there was an outbreak in European countries. A war started involving the central abilities and the allied powers. The central powers contains Germany, Austria-Hungry, and the Ottoman Empire. These were also called the Triple Alliance. The Allied Powers, additionally understand as the Triple Entente contained Britain, France, and Russia. A sudden cause of the war ended up being the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914. Some long haul causes that started the war were militarism, alliances, imperialism, and nationalism. America attempted to keep themselves separated from the war in Europe. Before the war, America had a sense of neutrality. Neutrality is whenever US everyday lives and property is not threatened. There was great cultural variety in america which resulted in a public union about war. America also had the idea of freedom associated with seas. This intended the tracks for trading were open. The United States had the desire to trade with both main and allied abilities. The usa had outstanding financial desire for the war currently. There have been many different

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