Types Of Internal Communication At Rolls Royce Company Essay

Rolls Royce is an engineering company focused on power and propulsion systems. The company is spilt into five types of businesses: civil aerospace, defense aerospace, power systems, marine, and nuclear. When Rolls Royce opened a campus in Singapore, they were for the first time allowed to proceed with various procedures outside of the UK. As the company continued to expand, communications to its Asia-Pacific teams grew in importance. One way Rolls Royce communicates with its consumers externally would be through their website. Their website consists of various information that can help their consumers know and communicate with them better.

Press releases are available on their website, as well as information about their investors. Results and events, regulatory news, and annual reports can all be easily accessible, providing a lot of visibility to the company. There is also a section on Innovation, as well as products & services, which aligns their organization structure – civil and dense aerospace, power systems, marine and nuclear. Some communication tools used would be their website, which provides a “media tab” meant for announcements and any upcoming events they might have.

Social media such as Instagram is also another tool used for communication. As most of their consumers are social media users, the web is often used to promote brand to make them seem as “luxurious”. This can be done through meeting the wants of the audience, and having the insight to know when and what should be shared on their social media page to fit their consumer’s expectations of the brand. Some other social media platforms used by Rolls Royce are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The key message communicated by Rolls Royce to its consumers is that the new Rolls-Royce will lives up to its standards, and in addition, be the next contemporary car for the next century. Even when this message was delivered, there was a mixture of traditional auto PR and exposure at events with extremely wealthy and affluent target market in attendance.

Throughout the years, Rolls Royce has introduced various ways to improve the internal communication in the company. Communication is important, especially when managing a group of people. Communication will contribute to members being understanding and committed to the company to help achieve business goals. However, one-way communication in a company is simply not enough. Communication should be horizontal and not only limited to downward communication. Openness and leadership is an important factor that should be constantly and consistently maintained via the different forms of communication such as electronic and printed, in addition to face-to-face communication.

At Rolls Royce, there are three types of internal communication emphasized. Firstly, engage. This is to ensure that employees can find connection with their workplace, which keeps them motivated to work hard towards their company’s goals. Secondly, energize. This is to ensure that their employees can work towards their goals with a positive experience. Lastly, enable. This is to ensure employees are able to work through their tasks efficiently and productively. They are would be able to do this through advanced technologies. All these are done such that employees are able to know what is important and stay relevant.

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