Twin cousin sister Essay

When I was around 6 years old, my aunt gave birth to my first cousin. This is the first time I have seen twins and that is the first time I had a cousin in my life. I have two cousins who look so similar and have two cute names: Dim and Kim. Dim and Kim are twin sisters. They are very similar in appearances, such as nose, eyes, face, hair, and stature. They love to dress alike. I know twins want to dress alike, but they both even love the same design and same color. They sound alike, and they know each other very well. Their look and what they have are very similar so sometimes even my aunt has a hard time telling which one is which. On the other hand, I did not realize that identical twins also have many differences. When I take a closer look, I have found that they are very different in so many ways. Aside from Dim and Kim’s outward characteristics, I have seen some important features, which are different, such, which their academically, personalities, dreams, and hobbies. Dim is not a good student, she is friendly, and she doesn’t care about her future. On the other hand, Kim is very smart at school, she is extremely conservative, and she likes being alone.

The first difference between Dim and Kim is academically. Dim and Kim are total opposites academically. Dim hates school and school is not her thing. Dim is not a good student, and she does only enough work to get by and she is lazy to attendee school every day. She does not study and refuses to apply herself. She has a bad habit of procrastinating when it comes to her school work. For example, if the assignment was given on a Monday and was due on the following Friday. Dim did not begin working on her assignment until Thursday evening, she waits until the last minutes to do it. As a result of her not allowing herself enough time to prepare she mostly received a low grade on her report. Kim, on the other hand, is an exceptional student. She doesn’t want any lower grade on her report so she does more than what is expected from her by her teachers. She takes her studies very seriously. She prepares well in advance for each assignment and takes her time in completing her work every time. For instance, if she received the assignment on Monday and was due on the following Friday, she started to research and begin working on the same day on the assignment was given. In the middle of the week, she already finishes her assignment and turns in before the deadline so she received grades positively reflect on her efforts.

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