"Twelve Months (1956)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This miracle of animation just can not not like it. Another thing is that everyone has the perception of a movie or cartoon. It is possible that the old Soviet cartoons, lost relevance today, but nevertheless, there are those who are considered to be classics and standards of the genre. It is to such cartoons and applies 'Twelve Months'. There is no need to puzzle over the intricacies of the fairy-tale characters, here is just one must plunge into the New Year's holiday atmosphere and magic. What cartoon without evil forces? In this case, those are the stepmother and his own daughter stepmother, coupled with a small queen. But in the course of the cartoon, we see a kind of rebirth of the queen, which may serve as a kind of philosophical analysis of this person.
Once there was a family. It consisted of a hefty evil woman and her two daughters, mother and the reception. We do not show so clearly the atrocities of the woman in relation to the stepdaughter, but we can see that one winter stepmother sends her stepdaughter to the forest for firewood, at a time when she has a daughter from his native cakes. And our little heroine goes to the forest and meets a serviceman, I mean the soldier. He helps her to collect firewood, and then will be very, very interesting. Why? Yes, because the director draws us such wonderful characters as a little stupid and stubborn queen as her teacher, who is trying to instill this same queen love of knowledge. Let us not forget the brothers months, we will also see the fire. The history of beautiful and instructive. Especially it causes a smile when her stepmother with a native daughter start to bicker, for which they then one of the brothers months turns into a dog, which to this day continue to bark at each other and it is not known whether the term is over their miraculous reconversion to the people. As for the little queen, I think this young lady promorzshi to the skin in the woods and realized that not everything is subject to its will and its orders, to do so, if you do not draw the appropriate conclusions about his not royal behavior. Of course I recommend this cartoon to be viewed. The warmest impressions.
9 out of 10

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