"Twelve Months (1956)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Who can tell how a fairy tale is born and where her source? And how to reach out to the times when it was a true story, and lived in the wild, not in retelling and books? It is a miracle in this mystery appearance, gaining us the mystery of her poetry, humor and simple wisdom. We usually refer to the ancient tale, not noticing how up to date it is clear to us today.
Another miracle tales that it is created before our eyes, linking past and present, weaving pattern in our lives and not allowing the heart to blossom depending on the season. So it was with the animated film "Twelve Months", which was filmed in 1956 by director Ivan Ivanov-Vano and Michael bots scripted Samuil Marshak and Nikolai Erdman. Today we are without this animated picture can not imagine not only the New Year's expectations, but also of his childhood at all. Not every book and the cartoon to each such share falls -. Enter into our lives it an integral part of, help us to discover the simple truth, learn to live in harmony with oneself and with one's conscience
matter how many times you are not watching "Twelve Months", yet every time you will perceive another miracle tales: in fact, it's a time machine. It takes us both in his warren fabulous time, which lasts no beginning and no end, and in that time, when we first came into contact with the fairy tale - in our childhood. At the feeling that the world is infinite and demands our comprehension, the ability to empathize with the heroes of course - without skepticism and abstraction, in kinda impatient look, what is there more to know in advance - to be afraid of us or rejoice ...
This cartoon there is another feature that has painted us our childhood - a voice that says heroes. At first it's just a voice - a very expressive, bright and some juicy. But over time, we understand that these experiences have given us the great artists who with equal dedication to work and in the theaters and in the cartoons, reviving the story, transforming the story in a world where we have lived a full life, at least those 55 minutes that lasts picture. Erast Garin, George Vitsin, Alexei Gribov, Tatiana Baryshev, Lyudmila Kasatkina - here a transfer would be sufficient to wonder and think about what was and what is today the national children's cinema
Growing up, you are able not only to listen. in this cartoon (a native word baby), but staring at it, pick up the nuances and decipher the clues that have passed unnoticed for you as a child. And you notice a thin and satire, was leaked to the thaw cartoon characters and traits of character, bitingly noted by the director and screenwriter, and striking artistic perfection of each frame. These pictures of the winter forest, and New Year's bonfire, and the person-months of brothers - all fills you with a sense of something good and joyful. Since childhood we loved curled up near my mother or grandmother to hear about distant times. We ourselves could not believe that it was in fact, but we empathized with these stories - laughing, anticipated, believed, and feared every time: what if this time it will not end well. And knowing that we ourselves ever become all pass on to their children, we realize another miracle tales (folk, literary, family or cinematic) - it connects us with myriads of invisible connections with all that is on earth, with our past and the future, with the closest people to us and to all of humanity, with the wisdom of thousands of years, and our own experience of life, which always seems so insignificant.

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