"Twelve Months (1956)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

If we evaluate this cartoon from the point of view of the adult satire, he deserves 10 out of 10. In fact, it could be called 'The Professor and The Queen'. These characters are central for them interesting to watch. And here is seen not for a monarchical state, where at the minor heir was always regent, so capricious that hardly could. This shows that we had at the beginning of the last century. In this case, the professor represents the old intelligentsia, that part of it which is ready to work for the good of this country, regardless of what kind of power there (a controversial position, by the way). A queen - they are representatives of the new 'people's' power. Who do not know how to write correctly (and sometimes write at all), but the arrogance and conceit in them above the roof. And they have a revolver or pistol, which they can easily resort to, if there are different pundits will argue with them. To issue a new law of nature? No problem, let out in Siberia apples on fur-trees grow (and this nonsense is not underage girls). A desert Aral Sea perfectly illustrates what happens when imagines himself omnipotent ignorant trying to issue a new law of nature.
But if satire in this cartoon is great, then like a fairy tale for children, he does not pull. For children to be moral, some positive characters. And where are they here? Another clone of the company's Cinderella, Snow White, Nastya in 'Frost' --- dull and stabbed the girl? Nothing but revulsion it causes can not. And even the fact that in modern cartoons such girls become overly aggressive, beat all the right and the left, does not change anything. Extreme is bad in any form. On the example of Nastya, some suggest that these characters suffer from mental retardation. Because otherwise it is difficult to explain why they live in families where they were bullied, like serfdom there is not noticed. It is not an evil stepmother can prevent even marry a commoner, as in 'Frost'. In the play 'Twelve Months' is a phrase that, say, the neighbors on this girl not praise enough what it skillful and hardworking. Why then do not go to them to work, if there is still work for food and old clothes? Neighbors even this will not allow?
Everything else is a wild mixture of paganism and Christianity. Purely pagan company months brothers rewards as if the Christian virtues. Terpenes, meekly endured all the humiliation, gets a well-deserved reward. Is whether deserved? If the Christian martyrs promoted this doctrine (for which he had been burned), then surely there is nothing like that.
Of the benefits, in addition to the satire, it is possible to note a qualitative picture, although many much more interesting for the children fairy tales such an honor is not awarded. Oddly enough, the Queen apparently not too terrible. Typically, in Soviet films of princesses and queens depicted ugly and dressed up in silly rags, some clownish costumes. For example, 'Do not leave' or the same cinematographic version of 'twelve months'. And then suddenly the girls like pretty dresses, and they are not happy with the dirty overalls to work in a mine or at the machine. Therefore, the heroines of Soviet films falling in the fabulous worlds, it is necessary to decorate the maids ( 'While the clock strikes'), and even at all the boys ( "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors') because of what this film I always hated.
word like a fairy tale for children 'Twelve months' deserves 0 out of 10, primarily due to the main 'positive' character, without causing the slightest sympathy. As a result, the two estimates we
5 of 10

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