Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose Essay

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Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose The play «Twelve Angry Men», By Reginald Rose, is a play about 12 jurors that in a distressing space have to talk about a life and death situation about a kid which accused or killing their daddy. the jurors do not actually understand eachother to communicate with and want they were anywhere in that jury space. Every juror has a new psychological pattern that produces the play interesting. In my opinion there were 3 primary jurors in jury space: Juror 8, Juror 3 and Juror 9. Juror 8 is important because he could be smart, courageous, and fair. Juror 3 was crucial because he was the antagonist, he was mean, in which he had been intolerant. Juror 9 was important because he wasn't afraid of confronting other jurors. Juror 8 had been…show more content…

Also, Juror 8 ended up being also reasonable. He stated «It's challenging for me to raise my hand and deliver a boy off to perish without speaing frankly about it first» as he ended up being alone that voted simple in the first vote. He also paid attention to every person's opinions rather than insulted anyone. Juror 3 ended up being additionally an essential juror in the jury room. Juror 3 had been the antagonist. He was the primary enemy of Juror 8 in which he was trying to keep folks from believing your child wasn't guilty. Juror 3 had been additionally mean. He desired everyone to think just how he did, and destroyed his mood each time they don't. Additionally, Juror 3 had been also intolerant. He did not wish to listen to anybody's views and in the conversation that he had with Juror 8 on web page 147 within the guide, it seemed which he individually desired a child to perish. Another important juror in jury room had been Juror 9. Juror 9 was a good guy. He voted simple because he'd a reasonable doubt in his mind's eye in which he paid attention to everybody's opinions, Juror 9 was additionally smart. He made a reasonable question by stating that the old guy might of lied to get attention because he noticed that he had been a quiet, frightened, insignificant guy that has probably never been nothing all their life. He additionally remembered that the woman within the train had bifocals, and that she never took them down. that made a reasonable question on every person's brain as it would of been very difficult the woman within the

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