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How many times in the film we saw true heroism and courage, bravery and courage, incredible courage and an ocean of valor, strength, and honor the various characters, easily wins the hearts of its endless, and what is most important - immortal souls. Some stories have become true classics, some yet to become, some will be forgotten in a few years, and some will be remembered forever! Picture of Wolfgang Petersen's 'Troy', in my opinion refers specifically to the last - it is impossible to forget the tape, which is literally overflowing with soul and love. If many other peplum we see one or two brave heroes, with honor and with dignity, fighting for freedom of their homeland and their families, the 'Troy', these brave brave much more, and each of them certainly deserve a separate story. Tape Petersen accused of abuse of all known myths and strong disagreement with the work of Homer, in which actually was filmed. Just picture and condemned for being too pretentious and simulated drama. But the right thing - those who read Homer, must enter into the position of authors 'Troy' and understand what to film his work verbatim, while respecting all the details, not just impossible, and it is literally impossible. And I believe that Petersen did not just coped with his work, and in this respect surpassed himself! As for the pathos and melodrama, here I do not agree - the film is remarkable in the style of Greek tragedy, which a priori bear the suffering, the love, the supreme heroism and many other lines, which are more restrained present can not, otherwise you will lose the style and depth . Some theatricality in phrases, movements and actions of the characters, this adds a bit of elegance and spectacle of the article. And I certainly think 'Troy' one of the most vivid, detailed and impressive historical films in cinema history!
The film collected a lot of individual characters. Peterson managed to make each of them a real person with an original character and memorable features. None of the hero is not left unattended - each actor had the opportunity to discover their image and for the allotted time to be able to quite interesting and naturally present themselves on the screen. Someone is always came to the fore, someone was present exclusively on the second or even the third - but the fact remains - no one in this brilliant work without racking or how often seen in the movies - not turned out to be purely for show. In the course of the film one wonders how the director was able to collect in his film as nuanced with various aspects and manage to elegantly combine them into a coherent whole, and even everything else is paid to every detail much attention. Before you open the deep feelings of the characters, their devotion, anger, revenge, despair, sorrow and boundless love that makes the fight and go to great sacrifices. Magnificent battle will capture your spirit and you will long remember the large-scale attack against the walls indestructible Toi, heartrending and captures the imagination of fight Hector and Achilles, which was filmed just perfectly, and is sure to get to the cinema books as one of the most amazing matches, dodgy capture with the help of the legendary Trojan horse - huge buildings filled with Greek warriors and many, many other great scenes and memorable episodes
also, in the movie and a lot of soul GOVERNMENTAL phrases, which I feel like constantly quoted, because they carry a lot of meaning, life and depth. For example I remember the dialogue between Achilles and Briseis, in which the invincible warrior enchanted king's daughter beauty gently whispers that the Gods themselves envy death, because they are immortal, and they do not understand that life is brighter and more beautiful when it is finite, and, the girl sitting next to him at night in a spacious tent, carefully listen to him with wide, sad eyes, so beautiful and vulnerable, will never be perfect and beautiful as at that moment, who also never happen again ... the hero Achilles and n Awda was very mentally represented - went to war, he knew that this trip will be the last, but his name is remembered for his eyelids, and he would have to live the rest house near the family until old age. Achilles, of course, chose what it glorify and perpetuate. One should not think that our hero is completely vain - after having met Briseis, he decided to go to war, but his brother's murder changed everything and now not for the sake of vanity, he would crush the enemy, but for the sake of personal revenge. Brad Pitt did a great job with his controversial role and no matter how criticized his performance in this film, throughout the show the actor admired the actor believe and empathize with all the soul. You can accuse me of excessive sentimentality, but in the speeches of his character deeply touching me had been found, and death suffered in the final for a wild regret and sorrow ...
impossible to forget, and another hero in the face of Hector, which is at least perfectly played Eric Bana. Hector is a warrior, a loving husband, a devoted brother and a great future king for his people. Stealing the Greek queen, his brother committed an act which led to the impending war, and he with all his characteristic courage and valor, bravely accepted to fight for what is dear to him - all the enemies in his way will be respected and admired his boundless courage. It should also be noted, and Diane Kruger which played Helen, Brian Cox stunningly turned into a treacherous ruler Agamemnon, as always textured Brandon Gleason, charming Sean Bean for once not in a negative role and many other actors create brilliant constellation. Before us is really very ambitious, dramatic and infinitely emotional story filled with endless charm and charm, painted stunning colors and bearing the genuine aesthetic pleasure of its inspirational atmosphere. Golden sand, drops of blood on steel panels, fireballs, graceful chariots, swords, silver and golden armor - the same particles are wonderful masterpiece of the puzzle called 'Troy' ..
P.S.! 'Is this the epilogue? Let them remember the Titans. People bloom and wither as the ears on the fields, but these names will never die! Let it be said: "He lived in the time of Hector. Let it be said: "He lived in the time of Achilles." Perfectly decent movie the highest praise! It is hoped that this story will always be remembered, and its heroes never give oblivion ...
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