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Trojan War - the era of myths and legends, legend, filled with heroic deeds and great love. The memory of that period, the historical reality which is still disputed by many scientists, passed from mouth to mouth for hundreds of years until it was recorded. Due to this it has reached our days. Famous blind Homer sang of the exploits of Odysseus, Achilles, Ajax ancient Greeks, who heard about their own ancestors, with bated breath. After thousands of years, these stories are still popular, study, quoted, citing as an example.
Naturally, ever to such epic story would have reached the hands of Hollywood moneymakers. And it happened in 2004. No one had not yet known David Benioff wrote the screenplay, which excludes all mythological story of the component that makes what is happening to the requirements of the approximate scale of militants. Filmed material is well-known Wolfgang Petersen, and got him, to be honest, good, but not perfect. What is it with this picture is not so, and that worked out? Let's deal.
«Over here remaining, no time to waste, no delay
Affair will not be great, that God entrusts to us»

Indeed, listen to Homer, the phrase is taken out in an epigraph and proceed to the analysis of the film
This picture -.-budget costume blockbuster, so the entourage was necessary to pay special attention. Under this item, say a lot do not want to - you can see the enormity of the work done. Actors in the armor or casual clothes look quite authentic. Of course, it is difficult to determine the historicity of armor and wardrobe, but it is hard to believe that in those days people could dress that way. In addition, clearly marked with different frames - when viewing you realize that this - the army of Troy, it's - Achilles fighters, and here Odysseus fights squad. Daily wear is also good - rich in leader, poor in ordinary people (even though they appear in the frame infrequently)
atmosphere is also maintained at an appropriate level, especially if we talk about the Russian dubbing.. Perhaps, in some cases, the talk in blank verse is not quite appropriate, but in any situation reminiscent of what we watch movies, filmed by famous works of Homer. Certain replicas are quite different from the original sound track (e.g., "All Trojans waiting Hades" from Agamemmnona) but made so qualitatively and authentic, that does not cause the desire to plug their ears. In general, for the Russian voice and text certainly can put a plus
scenery and enjoyable -. City made cool, designed the interior is original. The atmosphere allows you to feel in ancient Greece.
«Troy children, and Lycians, and you, arm wrestlers Dardania! Be men of
, friends, and vospomnite stormy valor!»

Main, It is making a good movie - the actors: the "Trojan horses" and "Greeks". Virtually the entire cast is ideally suited to their roles. Hector by Eric Bans - perfect, Elena, illustrated by Diane Kruger - really beautiful, Agamemnon, whose image embodies Brian Cox - a great villain. Sean Bean (spoiler: in this movie, his character does not die, it does not allow to make the original source), Brendan Gleeson (really terrible, harsh Menelaus), James Cosmo (since "Braveheart" no one can surpass the art of Intimidating Shout on the field fight), Byrne Rose and, of course, the great Peter O'Toole - all in their places, no doubt the actor's own game. What can I say, even if Orlando Bloom looks convincingly here! Kast looks organically, the actors fit in images and make them real, tangible.
But there is one big "but", which negates all the good in the actor's team. This "but" name is Brad Pitt. A great actor, who, with all due respect, in this picture is not in place. It is clear that his name would attract more people to the theaters, but surely no one could see that it was not his role? In the picture, not Achilles, in the frame of Brad Pitt and Treats dress. It is not hard to believe that before the audience the greatest hero of Greece. Cute guy from Gollivudschiny in a strange costume, but not stern warrior. At the same time in some scenes Pitt is very good, but there are moments in the minority. It is a pity, especially when you consider that we are talking about the main character. Such a mistake is reduced to near zero all the advantages of the rest of the cast. And it's sad
«Who fights noble soul, no doubt, must
Bravely stand, hit him or he hits!»
should also mention the staging fight scenes -. Individual and mass. Here everything is done masterfully. Look great fights, causing excitement and delight. Worried by the fact that no one knows who will win because the opponents worthy of each other. I admire the perfect movements of soldiers in a deadly battle. Apart is the fight between Hector and Achilles. To fully enjoy the staging of this scene, it is necessary to watch the theatrical version - in directing the music changed, and the impression spoils
Large-scale battles are not far behind on the individual -. Infantry holding system (which is quite rare in Hollywood films), the heroes heroism, blood extras die. The screen still looks fun and even realistic, despite the particular tells a story.
If for fights have no complaints, other scenes are not always cause at least some emotions. War planning Agamemnon - this is the level of the villain "I am very bad because chtotak necessary". Touchiness Patroclus on the ship and in the camp is only laughter, conversation heart to heart tightened, although in some episodes slip cool dialogues. In other situations, rescues charisma actors.
Thus there are two are great scenes in which, oddly enough, is involved Brad Pitt. First - visit Hector Priam's body (this is not a spoiler, Iliad has more than two thousand years old!), The second - Achilles mourning her dead rival
remaining peaceful nature scenes mostly good, but not always highly impressive.. Just want to say. "Normal," and watch a movie on
«As we sadly
tailor at heart and make our sorrows remain silent
Heart krushitelny crying to anything a person does not serve.. »

result all the above is simple: it's a good movie, spoiled in a particularly important details. The main disadvantage - is the Achilles. Given the central role of a character, a very bad influence on the perception of what is happening. The remaining flaws, such as slurred performances of individual scenes, sometimes not the best dialogues lack in the picture of the Olympian gods, and these disadvantages could be forgiven, but not in such a situation. Nevertheless, the film is mandatory viewing for lovers of cool fights, battle scenes and the quality of acting. The result: a paradoxical film that is worth seeing
6 of 10 .

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