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Once upon a time, when a Christian religion could not speak, and people full revered mythical Olympic Gods, on the Aegean coast formed a majestic walled city called Troy. The convenient location and wise leadership visionary kings of the dynasty led to the fact that this rock has become one of the centers of the ancient world, which dreamed of visiting people from the farthest corners of the well-known at the time the land. Rich, perfectly paved streets, elegant palaces and pools spread widely in Troy and it seemed that nothing could strike at the well-being of the city, which is awash in riches, it has amiey indestructible and is extremely beneficial for yourself trade. Only one rash act of the young prince led to the fact that Troy for a dozen years, hit the blockade of the hated enemy who refuses to forgive mistakes. And as we know from the immortal lines of the legendary ancient Greek storyteller Homer, ending a prolonged battle does not appeared to the Trojans instantly absolute triumph. Having experienced the bitterness of the destruction and the collapse of all hopes, the locals were forced to recognize the will of their conquerors, but the memory of centuries of greatness Troy forever etched in golden letters in the pages of world history. And even a few thousand years since the absolute destruction of the city-fortress of its remnants continue to remind succeeding generations that the human will has special properties and is able to do incredible things, including the erection of such imperishable strongholds, like Troy, of which we will never be able to forget.
based on famous works of Homer, describing the Trojan war were shot quite remarkable and eye-catching works, including "The Odyssey" by Andrei Konchalovsky, but with the invention of advanced survey meters todik and computer graphics filmmakers the opportunity to show their viewers the true greatness of the ancient historical events that were previously at all desire can not be put into the screen with the necessary scale share. The first successful attempt to revive the genre peplum and put it up with the best hand held Ridley Scott with "Gladiator", and after all the success pattern, gather a pile of awards and People's Choice Award, the game came none other than Wolfgang Petersen, known for his work on such notable films as "president of Airplane" and "The Perfect storm." Repeatedly faced yet understood in their careers with large budgets and lifts up celebrities Petersen that the production of "Troy" could be serious artistic and psychological problems for him, since the producers wanted to see in the performance of the director full of incomparable epic picture, able to press itself " Gladiator. " However, despite all the anxiety and prejudices, Petersen picked up the script by David Benioff, in order to return three of its former glory, to remind the audience that in the past, is hiding a lot more interesting than it may seem, and that we should not underestimate the acting talent of Brad Pitt, which not only has excellent features, but also the incomparable dramatic flair.
Events presented in the film, takes us back to the 13th century BC, and it is a time when Troy was at the height of its power, and therefore not races I read the danger that it could face. Unable to contain their emotional before the face of Helen (Diane Kruger), the wife of Spartan King Menelaus (Brendan Gleeson), brother Agamemnon (Brian Cox), united under his rule the scattered Greek cities, the Trojan prince Paris (Orlando Bloom) is making an unprecedented boldness and kidnaps beloved directly from the palace. However, the boy did not expect that because of his love is the real burst into hell, which can not cool no negotiations. Unable to forgive such insolence Trojans, Menelaus and Agamemnon decide to collect countless army and go to war against Troy, if the wall will not give the Greeks a traitor and the girl, because of which the conflict began. In turn, the ruler of Troy, King Priam (Peter O'Toole) has no desire to give his son to Paris to die, telling the eldest heir to the throne, the valiant Hector (Eric Bana) to stand up for the Rock to the end and never give up. And as Troy on all sides protects the huge wall, Priam sensibly judged that the war could drag on for a long time, chances are that sooner or later the Greeks depart. Nevertheless, inexorable Agamemnon was not ready to go home, back home, began a long, grueling battle-long years, relying on luck, his indisputable will and skill of soldiers, the best of which is considered to be the invincible Achilles (Pitt) is born for great things fighter, not afraid sad prediction promising him is not the final way of life, which he would like to get acquainted with
If incorruptible "Iliad" of Homer, it becomes evident that the writer has allocated a special role in history the pantheon of Greek gods, who just decided to play a game of intrigue, pitting each other the most powerful army of its time. In fact, every act of Paris, Odysseus and other ancient heroes were celestials Olympus, we have repeatedly seen in the previous screen incarnations Homer heritage. But when a "Three" joined Petersen and Benioff, it was decided to abandon the mythical part of the Trojan War, in order to demonstrate to the public a little more mundane version of the long-standing events in which the head of all things is the will of the person who is unable to live with their desires. Due to the similar approach of "Troy" disappeared fair share of magical attraction, but it is worth noting that the creators were able to detail to show us the way of life, experiences and hopes of those who was trapped in an endless war, which was in fact not so much sense . Entrenched in the Aegean coast, proud Greeks every year to lose morale, looking for the reasons for deciding to fight for their kings, and dreamed that the gates of Troy finally opened to reveal the strengths and get out of their homes. In turn, the Trojan side stood his ground and despite the fact that a decade of conflict would not affect the welfare of local residents, were not going to go to compromise, even when in the royal family were the victims, whose value can not be overestimated. Petersen was able to build on a set of gravity atmosphere, raging in the ranks frankly tired of the uncertainty of the immediate future of the armies and the viewer without any problems will be able to believe in what is revealed the true essence of the war, not the idealized serene card in front of him.
But though that Petersen has set a goal to show the Trojan war with the much more tragic point of view, than its predecessors, it is impossible to say that the movie was too dark and oppressive. "Troy" has a bright colors, shows us the magnificent scenery and when you want the audience bestows quality graphics, which reveals the full extent of ancient events. So get ready for the spectacle that is not easily forgotten.
9 out of 10

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