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Wrath of Achilles, son of Peleus, Sing, O goddess.
anger that the Achaeans countless disasters hath made ...

( «Iliad," Book 1)
Due to large-scale and very expensive ( 175 million. dollars), directed by Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy," the world saw in 2004 how imagined ancient historians Trojan conflict. In writing the script writers of the film relied on the famous epic poem of Homer's "Iliad". This is true, but only partly. Homer described in his work is not the war, but only a few episodes that have occurred in the tenth year of the siege of Troy. End of the "Iliad" was not completed victory Achaean (so called Greeks) over the Trojans
So how do we know all the other events:. Where to start and the end of the war? The fact that the "Iliad" was not a single poem, describing the historical events. Along with it the so-called "Trojan cycle" consisted of a few poems by different authors. In particular, the beginning of the war and its causes is described in the poem "Cyprus", of its final episodes narrate "Aethiopis", "Little Iliad" and "The destruction of Troy" (Ilion - another name of Troy). Unfortunately, the poem itself is not preserved, and to the present day they came in later retellings
filmmakers certainly set ourselves ambitious plan:. Capture the Trojan War in all its significance and tragedy from beginning to end, not forgetting the heroes. You could say they have set a virtually impossible task, because "Trojan cycle" - is a huge world, and it is inhabited by many characters. But we must pay tribute to the director and his team, they have done the best thing in this case could have been done: they took a bright and memorable movie, the viewer is able to tear off from reality and dip his head in outlandish antique world
For this poster. "Troy" had not only to compress the timing of events from ten years to two weeks to throw out its history a lot of characters, but also to make the plot a few significant changes. In this connection there is a reasonable question: how far they have gone from the poem
Homer paid great attention to the gods-Olympians?. They are not only the direct initiator of the war, but also taking a very active part in the battles. Without the intervention of the gods the ancient world we do not think Homer perspective. And the fact that the events of the Trojan War took place three centuries before the birth of the narrator, give them even more mythological. To Homer it was almost a fairytale world inhabited by these gods, beautiful women and great heroes.
The filmmakers went on a risky step, creating a picture of the ancient world in which there is no place to Olympians. The only goddess from the original source, which appears at the beginning of the film - the mother of Achilles Thetis. However, to see this elderly woman signs of the divine is almost impossible. The absence of the Olympian gods - the most significant difference between the "Troy" from a literary source. But there are others.
The main reason for the war is considered the abduction of Helen by Paris from the palace of the king of Sparta. And this theme is played out in the movie. Menelaus thirsts for revenge and his brother Agamemnon enjoys the abduction of Helen as an excuse to declare war on Troy, which has long interfere with his plans of conquest of Asia Minor.
According to the original source (the poem "Cyprus"), the primary cause for such a devastating war was the decision of the gods a bit reduce the human race. And the reason for the war was precisely the abduction of Helen by Paris. However, Agamemnon and Menelaus, disgraced husband, with the support of his brother, gathered a large army. And in those days it was really unprecedented. More than a thousand ships of the 160 countries left Boeotian harbor, carrying the from 50 to 100 soldiers. The greatest Achaean heroes gathered in the crusade against Troy: Odysseus, Philoctetes, Diomedes, both of Ajax, Menelaus, old Nestor, and others. He was elected leader Agamemnon, the king of Mycenae and Argos, as the most powerful of the kings. All of them, except Achilles, were bound by ties of the oath, long before these events, and as a former suitors of Helen, had to avenge the insult to her husband.
recall the episode where Paris offers an honest duel with Menelaus. Who will remain on his feet, and he will receive the Helen. He believes the way to avoid bloodshed, because the cause of the war is resolved. But Menelaus in military matter where skilful prince. The latter from death rescues only that Hector sword pierces through Menelaus.
Meanwhile, Homer gave the salvation of Paris in the hands of most of Aphrodite. And Menelaus was not threatened with death at the hands of Hector. Just on the contrary, after the war, he took with him Helen. But the death of the war has not escaped Paris.
With such liberties is full of the whole picture. So Achilles and Odysseus, along with others, hidden in the wooden horse, penetrates the walls of Troy. And he will be looking at all of the glory, and the woman who stole his heart. So vile kill Agamemnon old Priam hit in the back and he will be killed. A Paris left the blazing fire the city, followed by Helena and other Trojan Women through an underground passage. Odyssey will be left to bury friends, the only surviving characters.
Unfortunately, the fate of the heroes of the "Iliad" is almost entirely dependent on the will of the gods. Achilles was able to break into the city of Troy, but the arrow of Paris, guided by the hand of Apollo, struck him in the heel - the only vulnerable spot. This happened before the idea to build a light head horse visited the Odyssey. And the Odyssey are not the only heroes who are fortunate enough to return home. Menelaus, Agamemnon and other valiant men left the coast of Troy.
discrepancy of the masses, but, as already mentioned, the film does not pretend to be a verbatim reproduction of the poem. Taking it as a basis, filmmakers built their own "Troy", peopled it with her, only partially similar to the original characters, heroes. And the Trojan War is unfolding before us in a new light. It is fleeting, cruel and ultimately meaningless.
script is built in such a way that each character gets a drama is not desired and deserved. Is not this lies the secret of the movie?
If you think an attempt to literally tell the story of the Trojan War in what would be the good has not resulted. the volume of information is too large. A lot of events preceded the "Iliad" and followed her. And the poem itself is housed as many colorful characters and events that the story about them would not fit, and three hours of screen time.
However, simply cutting off the secondary story lines of a huge cycle would make it sense of vague and crumpled, like a puzzle, a big pieces of which part is lost. Therefore, the script of the film significantly changes the original order of events, creating a new history.
«Troy», with all its seriousness, does not claim to historicity of the events portrayed. But in Homer's poem is not so easy to separate truth from fiction. So where is the truth? Alas, she was buried too deep in time. Homer recounted events three hundred years ago, we also had a chance to see the story after three thousand years. Who knows how it was in reality?

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