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The film is dedicated to the confrontation that lasted for decades - the Trojan War. A beautiful and spectacular movie showed us not only the events, but also reflected the spirit of the warriors of that era.
Actors / Heroes
Achilles (B . Pitt) - is incomparable much emotion in the victorious gaze, when raises his sword in front of a roaring crowd. Despair at the loss of his brother. Respect in a scene from the body of Hector. Love and insecurity in scenes with Briseis. The actor passed completely strong and brave character of his great heroes. . He is a strong, self-willed and determined
«He is seen seeking death»
No, looking for glory
«-. I'd be afraid to fight him ... - And so obscure will you. »
He is a favorite of the gods, ready to defeat a powerful enemy with one blow of his sword. Therefore, it is destined to the fate of the Great Warrior , about which legends
«to stay here -. Find peace ... Going to Troy, you will attain glory, thousands of people will compose legends about your exploits. Your name will remain for centuries »
Hector (Bana E.) -. A terrific game. Hector in his performance - wise future ruler, full of honor and dignity. It -nadezhda father, spouse support, and all of Troy. And my brother guards like a child, and therefore, their principles, when Paris creep up to his feet, he stops the fight, knowing what was coming. "The battle is over. He is my brother »
Paris (A. Bloom) -. Not impressive, perhaps because of the weak character of his hero. Paris - just a cowardly fool youngest brother of a powerful warrior. General have to take only the name
Priam (O'Toole AP) -. Perfect. The wise old man, for whom a severe blow to lose the eldest son - of whom he would have handed power over Troy
«I loved my boy as soon as he opened it. eyes and before the moment you closed them to him, "A touching scene
Elena (D. Krueger) -. terrible. In mythology, Helen - the woman of unearthly beauty, which was the reason for the war. Neither of unearthly beauty or spectacular game. By the looks no complaints, everyone has their own understanding of beauty. It is no greatness, which is known for Elena, Elena and her - half-dead robot oderevevshim face. This is evident in the scene where the love of her life, almost killed before her eyes. And in the scene with Hector, when he goes to battle with Achilles, knowing that all of this would not, if she was not then on the ship when the Trojans truce. On both of the situation was the same reaction - moved her lips, closed her eyes and bowed her head. Could to diversify and revive the emotions, when you are entrusted with the role of this scale
wife of Hector (S. Burroughs.) - wins against the backdrop D. Krueger. Feels her experiences, it seemed that she had stopped breathing with him
Briseis (R. Byrne.) - This beautiful and
Confrontation. Achilles and Agamemnon . Neglect Achilles will of the king is shown from the beginning of the picture. Agamemnon - a greedy dictator, eager to enslave Troy. Achilles - the great warrior, the best warrior, without which it is impossible victory
«It does not matter who it is, is more important than his ability to win the battle»
So the king suffers wayward warrior, and he.. fight on its side, but not for the king and not for the country but for the glory.
«it is not necessary to give life for foolish king»
Achilles taunts how the king sits on the throne and receives gifts, celebrating a victory that he won not.
«Imagine that the kings have fought themselves, that would be a sight» .
The duel of Achilles and Hector. spectacular and intense. Watching him, without stopping for a second. Hector is full of honor and courage and goes to fight, to answer for his action, he decided that he broke the very Achilles, and in fact from ignorance killed his brother, and with what pain the last delivered from suffering. He could not go out to battle, and ordered the archers to shoot, but he is motivated by a sense of duty. Ahiless goes into battle, full of despair, otherwise I would not come alone to the gates of Troy, he is motivated by a desire for revenge, even his favorite could not talk. Hector movement smooth and slowed down when he was going to fight, knowing that for him it was your last, he has something to lose, he loves his country, his father, his wife wants to live in the world and see how growing up the son. Movement Achilles cutting and dynamic, he has nothing to lose. This is the fight of the strongest and best
«-. The memory of this war will outlive the Millennium
- But did not live through the millennium we're
- You rights, but our names will remain for centuries »
Love Achilles and Briseis. They are alive and real. They are two different nature. She - a priestess in the temple of Apollo. He recognizes neither the king nor the Gods. And both of the warring states. She even wanted to kill him. But they were destined to be together. Their battles on the theme "Where is your God, you're a prisoner," apparently brought them close together =)
«The gods envy us mortals ... Life is brighter and more beautiful when it is finite».
they have something in common - the audacity, strong character. He changed her
«Fearless Achilles silenced slave ...»
We steadfast Achilles appeared weak -. Briseis . Before her he was free, but now all roads lead to it. She woke him spirituality. Oh, if only ... not the case with his brother. All would be good at them.
She presented him as a trophy, but it was for him something more, those for which he was ready to leave the war. Scene capture of Troy, where Achilles is already under way is not to fight, he is looking for it in Troy, to have time to save - is fascinating, goose bumps. Music emphasizes its movement towards the same goal, which he saw in front of him.
«The soldiers mined the glory, the power, the new land, the war in the name of love is still wiser to other bloody wars of».
Fought it for glory, and died for love. Their feelings are real, for love while not choose, and they met in the middle of the Trojan War, had come to love, and to see the light .
«With you I have found in the world . height of the war »
for the epic style and construction of the text, as if the old man retells us Ancient myths - a special thank you
<. b> Music
Triumphant in the scene where Achilles desperate attack on Troy, without waiting for the army of the king, emphasizes his brash character. So gentle and unobtrusive scenes with Briseis. Dynamic drumming and the female cries background throughout the film, helping to move the viewer on an epic time .
Troy Myth or Reality? You can say one thing, those great heroes were at the time, and their images come to us.
«will hear whether the descendants of our deeds, Will remembered our names when we leave, and whether they want to know what we were, How bravely fought as desperately loved. »
for love, for Troy and its great heroes
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