"Triumph" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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Sports drama is perhaps the most difficult genre in cinema, because successful works can be counted on the fingers of one hand
So this film was the beginning of his disappoint me:. thought, that's another transient movie with a bunch of stamps. However, everything turned upside down, and it turned out that it is a very successful film. The success of this achievement 3 components, namely.
The camera work and visual effects.
Golf has always been boring for me, slow, not interesting sport. The same thing I thought would be with the movie. But I was wrong! Thanks to the excellent work of the operator, golf has turned into an incredibly entertaining and intriguing sport. Very well we showed the entire course of the competition. Just bespodobno.Aplodiruyu operator standing!
Cast and characters.
Very surprised great variety of characters. Each was unique, bright personality. With its principles, character. It was very interesting to watch them. And although most of them were one-sided, it was impressed by the behavior of each of them on me. Even those heroes who were only episodes, remembered his originality. Journalist, parents, coach, plenty of versatile athletes, and many others. You can be recorded in the asset. By this course it is necessary to add a great game actors. every everything to the maximum, making believe in a fictional reality. Honor and praise them.
The story and idea.
Usually in sports dramas can not avoid a huge number of stamps, and in this film them is more than enough. But ... but there are a few 'but'.
Firstly, stamps presented to not quite the usual way. I often reacted to their presence absolutely 'neutral'. Most encouragingly even.
Second, if authors are trying to show that the stamps are an integral part of life. And if you think about, it is possible to agree with them. Life, too, is filled with all sorts of cliches. Each of us, in principle, similar chances to make a happy destiny, just someone's chances of initially high (such as in a movie or in MkDermota Winfred), while others need to cling to them (such as Uime or Vartan). And coincidence, his own hard work and dedication, the origin, a grain of luck and many others shape our lives
And this I think is the core idea of ​​the film:. Triumph is not the goal, and the path to it. And in the film clearly shows all: one can not withstand the test of fame, and the consequences emanating therefrom, another ruin his own emotions and feelings, prevent third set of circumstances is not enough luck to the fourth and eventually the fifth becomes a genuine triumph! Because the only way it was all the tests and he passed them with flying colors, always remained a man.
end does not justify the means. After all, money is the goal. And if the media is not entirely noble, and the triumph of fake leaves.

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