"Triumph" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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Whether matured or simply ocherstvev over the years, but my perception of the world of cinema -. Leaving no chance of watching the film, ten years since the release, to get credit, obviously pledged director pleasure
did not happen and remain unequivocal in choosing mood recall.
On the one hand, difficult to write positive review. The film is the most incredible way, completely built on clichés reception. When viewing, at times, the feeling that the filmmakers were guided tool - ' How to make a good movie for Dummies'
Founded in the very beginning step by step algorithm allows you to easily guess followed by a reception and so on, it is worth we talk about the final, where a total atmosphere, good music and the operator work when they should be called the most vivid emotions, cause only a smile to their own guesswork.
After cliché here is even the story itself, because if the judge in fact, the similar color can remove any intrigue championship of any sport and to present it as ' The greatest game in the history '. Everywhere, from the above, there are winners and losers; there are pompous rivals have proudly accept defeat; has its own history every athlete - from emerging in the children their habitats - sympathy for a particular sport (in this case, an example will act opposite the boys home course), from constant setbacks and sniffed close-conservatives (in this film they made father Man), in the light of endless repetitions of the same movement, to the high quality workmanship and the subsequent competition among the same professional for the title of ' someone hand did not tremble at the right time / who cope with the nerves and took all the will in a fist ' On the other hand, difficult to write negative Review, looking picture, we observe a large product of labor as a really nice looking images and selected music. The story itself, though impossibly polished, removing originality at all, it does not have anything extra that shows coherence and allowing for viewing.
The moral of the story is.
And what morality cherpnut us to contact you after viewing? We are far removed from these things majeure, in modern terms, the sport, the history of which is narrated. Surprisingly, even if it is banal, it is here and there is that:
1 No matter how rare you do not think their craft - does not mean that you're in it to the best..
2. The champions are not born, they become through a series of honing craft on long workouts.
3. A good lesson gives the father of all the young men-maximalists, slashing his sword all from shoulder arguing with his parents for the right to choice in favor of things that they love, that first of all, give them proof of your financial independence, and after the reasoned that ' it s nice to do their work, rather than work on the uncle .. '

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