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I am skeptical about the sport films. What's already dark - I do not like them at all! As it came across 'Wimbledon' - I only lasted half. Took watch 'Game of Life' - I did not finish, she fell asleep. The list goes on and on. I do not like to look at sports in the movies and everything! At Triumph I stumbled upon by accident. And I do not regret! I did not expect at all! Brilliant film! From the very first minutes of he fully captures each dialogue, each scene are ideal. In the film, there is absolutely nothing more
Golf -. Game itself is not dynamic, for some it seems boring, uninteresting. Therefore, to make a film about golf, it seems to me, it was a risky task. But it turns out, Bill Paxton - a genius in the director's chair. He did the impossible - gave the usual stories of bright colors, memorable moments, a storm of emotions
I have to say -. The plot is simple. But this is a true story and it is captivating. What exactly is all over it is clear from the very first minutes of the film. Nevertheless, it would like to see. This is worth seeing
Here you will find everything -. And family relationships, and life aspirations, and the will to win, and, of course, love. Without it anywhere. But I would like it more. This was felt some sort of understatement, and sometimes dishonesty, largely on the part of the heroine Peyton List. Like the storyline about the relationship between father and son, from the final scene of tears rolled on his eyes.
very memorable visuals, unusual and fascinating. They are simply chained to the screen, it is impossible to break away. We should also mention the work of costume designer, art director, etc. -. Stunningly spirit of the era passed. Not the last role is played and the music. Penetration
now about actors
LaBeouf -.. A real find for the creators. I sincerely believe it the best among the younger generation of actors. He clearly has a great future in the movies. And for myself, I opened it after 'Paranoia' - also a great game, a real talent. I confess - I did not watch 'Transformers'! But soon I correct this oversight. Solely because of Chailly. By the way, in the film 'Guide to Recognizing Your Saints' he also incomparable. He goes roles in dramatic films. We have no
His hero -. Certainly talented, purposeful. Interesting character. He can not but arouse sympathy. The whole movie you support him with all my heart, rejoice luck, you experience defeat. I believe him. It is a merit LaBeouf. . Terrific
Josh Flitter - that's who brought in the film notes of humor. Amazing game. Each waiting for his arrival eagerly.
And of course, Stephen Dillane . Eyes tear is not possible. His cold calm, composure, elegance fascinate. His character - a true champion. And it is read in the eyes and every gesture
Thus, it is all that turned an ordinary story into a masterpiece, but an ordinary story -. In an interesting movie. See - you will not regret!

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