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I do not know, I would want to see this movie if not seen as a part of his name actors Shia LaBeouf, or not. Golf - a strange and incomprehensible game, seems to me a series of slow movements on the field with the wells, occasionally interrupted by attacks on the tiny ball
boring game of gentlemen.. But here LaBeouf. After the "treasure" and "Battle Soldier Kelly" the ability of this young actor to emotional and deeply expressive game, I have been extremely interesting. This determined the decision -.
watch a short introduction of childhood Harry Vardon (one of the greatest golfers of all time) directed by Bill Paxton outlined to the audience the scale of the individual, increased poverty of the lower classes to unprecedented heights of social status. Before us is a great athlete, pursued by the prejudices surrounding life caused by his low origin, fighting for victory on the golf course and for the recognition in the social hierarchy. This - not for long. And immediately - the main character
Francis Uimet.. Born in the family handyman and laundress, without any hope for the future, he began to earn, working caddy (porter sticks) golfers in the nearby their home golf club. Carried away by a gentleman's game, the young Francis Uimet, training, managed to acquire the skills that can surprise the experienced players. But that still fueled his interest in golf, it's a chance meeting with Harry Vardon, one of the master classes, when the great master of his own hands, in front of astonished audience put strike boys.
heavy blow to dreams Uimeta a golfer's career was defeat in the qualifying rounds, when passed the nerves, did not give him an opportunity to speak among professionals. Throw the game, Francis drags gray existence assistant manager at the store golf equipment. But the offer to try his luck at the US Open in the fight with Harry Vardon pushes him to a desperate gamble.
Here tie picture ends and begins now, a dramatic confrontation outsider against the master. How does this Paxton, taking into account the nature of the game of golf? Let's say that this course you've never seen. Paxton takes golf is not outside the field, as is the case in TV coverage, but from within. By this involved the use of the mass of special effects, the infamous bullet time, slo-mo, slow motions, staging stunts, "Digital Ball", tracking the ball on the crane and the camera - the "crown of creation" - shooting the ball flying to the flying mini helicopter; excellent work of the operator and energetic installation, -. all this makes golf in bright and rapid sight
A dramatic confrontation provides a phenomenal play Shia LaBeouf, who, no doubt, has worked in the film as real held the star. This ability to transmit diverse range of emotions his character have a few, even more adult actors. This twenty-year man understands the essence of what is happening in a given scene and is physically able to warm it up to the highest emotional intensity. Paxton to find such abilities of the actor, often takes close-ups of his face, hands, feet position, finding in all this deep organic leading actor. The highest point becomes thirty-second LaBeouf plan before applying the final blow: it seems - a spark strikes across the screen
And if LaBeouf in this film - not a faceted diamond, it is a decent rim him, for the most part, the others involved in the film actors. . Certainly will not go unnoticed for a long moment in Steven Dilleyna camera (Harry Vardon), a colorful figure Justin Ashforth (Ted Hastings), stressful Elias Koteas (Uimeta father). Among the discoveries would have carried her work the young actress Peyton List (Sarah, a friend Uimeta). But from the work of Josh Flitter (Eddie Lovely, caddy Francis in the game) left a mixed impression: plays diligently, but somehow fussy. However, it is the overall picture does not spoil. A soundly complements its work
would seem dressers and decorators, painstakingly recreated in the film atmosphere of the era 1900-1913 years., Another film about underdog victory over the favorite, which was no longer enough. But thanks to the original approach to shooting, the dedicated work of the actors and the director the movie did not turn dry story about a sports feat of the hero, and the bright and spectacular presentation of one of the greatest and most memorable battles on the field of golf.

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