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One of the most difficult in the world, is to make a movie about the sport, as well as the sports drama, so that this film was different at least something from the other representatives and legislators of the genre. And if the plot is practically impossible to diversify, ie almost always an outsider by effort and diligence passes the way to the championship in record time, the image of the film, the heat from the impending dramatic tension is still an open field for the authors.
author of "Triumph" is a kind of failed, there is a hole to zashtampovannoe plot, but darned such visual effects that are virtually invisible seams. Hurray happened, the world of sports dramas in the film is not yet dead. A genre is usually nothing more than a variety no different character from rags to riches, friends of the hero and family are good people, there is the mandatory presence of the girl in the picture, there is a nasty character in the film, but sometimes there are worthy opponents, and sometimes they are just bastards.
In "Triumph" has everything, both good and bad, and the usual sports story of the results which the authors did not even make a secret hanging culmination on the poster (amateur sports history this result, and so is known), and especially tried our translator, translation film, calling it "Tr iumfom ". What is the big secret in the genre of sports dramas no secrets in principle, the outcome of the film is clear, only interested in the process, as a hero will come to the result, and very funny, too, the process is almost always the same. Bored? On the other hand, it is true.
So it was with Rocky Balboa in "Rocky" and a player in "Jerry Maguire" and so on, so it will be with all the other films about athletes who have achieved success, the law of the genre, there is the law of life! Indeed, why make a film about athletes losers, was one such film about the hockey player loser, which is changing the ice on the lawn became a successful golfer, played there more Adam Sandler.
Incidentally, the film Sandler was my only case of communication with this sport like golf (except for java-game for mobile phones), by the way, adding, golf and sports as such is not considered, and not believe, in spite of the stress caught up with "triumph". Firstly, this is a game for gentlemen, who did not give the impression of people capable of heavy physical exercise, facing real athletes (boxers, hockey players, football players). Secondly, this game is very slow and boring, it was clear even through the telephone game, sports does not. In the third place, "Sport-Express" does not light up golf, and me before this game was not the case, even putting the records in your phone, thanks to this, even though I knew what the "steam", "birdie", and the right to understand.
But B. Paxton and his team were able to make a boring game kind of movie that he wanted to reconsider immediately after viewing, the film looks at one go, and dynamism at the level of action - blockbuster movies, which are now like to be tightened over time
The most original discovery Paxton as already noted, is a digital ball, ball flight, ie the movement of the viewer is not on the golf course, but "in the golf itself." It looks just great, the speed seems otherworldly. Installation, the best part of the picture, combining almost all of the most interesting moments of each round of golf in an exciting clips, accompanied by a stunningly sensual music parties under the leadership of Brian Tyler, the authors leave the audience in an indescribable delight. Therefore, even it is not necessary to describe, look at the little things that Paxton did immediately catches the viewer's eye, and do not regret it, even the plot clobbered into holes.
«Triumph" is a triumph for Shia LaBeouf, who has just in the last couple of months flashed cloning "Paranoia" and well diversified episodes of "Bobby" with their presence, the actor is definitely talented, and he argued in "Triumph", which can be called a benefit of the young actor. It plays just great sadness, doubt, joy, all in the face, all depending on the development of the hero, who was a real person, in whose honor was named even charities. In the film, the hero develops gradually, but goes to the dream, is a doubt, with the help of others, unaware of his future. Charming, almost biopic.
If not for the stunning discoveries in the field of visual range (which is made from a miserable and boring games like golf masterpiece), I would have called the film actor's. This is exactly the case when the film rests on the actors, and if not talent Paxton, that was able to capture your ideas, then left to enjoy the acting game. But that's the problem, if there had been a dull film (ie, the normal sports turbidity, now from time to time release), would have saved the movie actors ...

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