Tribalism as a tool to strengthen or damage the order of life Essay

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, the notion of Tribalism is a state that exists as a tribe or a feeling of very strong loyalty to your tribe or a feeling of very strong loyalty to political or social groups, so you support them no matter what they do. It can be concluded that Tribalism is an organized state and prioritizes their tribes or groups above all else. This is what will trigger the problems in the community. The word "tribe" can be interpreted as a group with the same ancestors or can be described as a group with similar interests, lifestyles, and habits. The saying "feathered birds gather together" describes homophiles. Things that are related to similarities and feelings that are so close that give rise to the same identity, it will be the cause of Tribalism to grow. To become fully human, we must have the ability to gather and work together without regard to the similarity of identity between us. As a human being, love for something will become a natural trait in every human being. A love for something especially Tribe is legitimate as long as it is not excessive and creates fanaticism which can be a barrier in the creation of integration and unity. Humans in their essence are created different from one another, therefore we must be sure that if we have something in common with others that does not mean we are the same in all things, and our thoughts that people who are different from us are not part of us become a barrier in community. If the nature of tribalism is too deep in us it will cause traits such as being closed and unable to receive good information from the outside will attack us all. Tribalism will be a guideline for its adherents, depending on what their ancestors planted in their ethnicity, then that will arise in the form of attitudes and behavior. In my opinion, basically, humans will be more comfortable to cooperate and relate to their 'inner circle', humans tend to love comfort zones and avoid risk as much as possible. This, in my opinion, is less able to be a guideline for someone's life. We should have the willingness to keep changing and proceed to a better direction without having to forget the good things we did before. Tribalism in modern times is very used for political battles in achieving a group victory. They use tribal symbols as a tool to reach the position of leaders. Tribalism in modern times is also applied in social groups where members feel that what has been formed by a group of people in a social system is true. We should as individuals must be able to think critically about something or a system that has been formed or will be formed by the people who are our role models. Because I believe everyone has both good and bad qualities. And there are also many factors that cause them to be evil or not good at using their voices or their power. As in my Religion, namely Islam, I was taught not to be fixed on a group, but I had to learn from various groups because the essence of each person has different points of view and interpretations of things. All the things we receive through our minds must be returned to common sense, conscience and certainly to God. Tribalism or love for groups is important only as an individual identity but is not something that needs to be glorified and favored by degrading other groups. Basically, humans are Homo Homini Lupus, that is, humans are wolves for each other, meaning that every human being will be a threat to other humans who do not know the same ethnicity, race, or culture, etc. Just as we know that family conflicts often occur between us, many historical stories about civil war illustrate that basically, similarities are not everything, but differences that make us strong and can work together with others. Just imagine if in the world everyone becomes the leader, then who is the employee for the leadership. The nature of human beings is social creatures so we can ignore the role of other people, as well as other groups. There should be a sense of belonging and a sense of need between us without having to be arrogant and as if we are everything. According to Chua in Political Tribes (2018), democracy has opened up opportunities for the emergence of tribalism instincts on the national political stage. In the USA the issue of tribalism emerged when former president Barack Obama was elected, some of them argued that blacks would pose a new threat to them. In my country, Indonesia, the issue of tribalism is something that is used as a political weapon, such as issues of ethnicity, religion and certain groups. This is a public secret at this time. Sometimes many of us are still affected by the withdrawal of opinion in the mass media and socially on issues of tribalism. Tribalism will also cause an attitude of not being able to accept defeat, just imagine the excessive love for a sports club, it will cause a deep sense of hatred towards the opponent for his defeat. In my opinion, the way to control negative tribalism is by opening up to the changes that occur in the environment without forgetting the good things that have been planted since we were little. Make it a guideline in filtering all forms of action for changes such as globalization and modernization. So the conclusion, in my opinion, is that Tribalism will strengthen in the 21st century if it is only a tribal identity or a group, and does not understand it to be blind fanaticism. That basically, humans are diverse, then we should not impose equality on all humans, that diversity and difference will form a unity. Tribalism is more likely to damage prosperity in the 21st Century if Tribalism is the only tool to be able to achieve the greed of a group in achieving the goals of the group. Because the truth is that excessive things will lead to destruction and adversity. We as human beings should be able to accept differences, be tolerant, not intolerance, respect each other and respect each other. Like an ecosystem in the environment, that an ecosystem is a system formed by the inseparable reciprocal relationship between living things and their environment. With the existence of modernization and globalization, it should make us aware that not only we or our group lives in this world. Life is dynamic, meaning that no human can live without moving and socializing. Information and knowledge about tribalism should be given to all individuals, especially community groups, as education and a form of early prevention of negative things caused by tribalism. “No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for more love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite – Nelson Mandela”.

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