Travelling to cuba Essay

3 things to know before travelling to Cuba - your next destination!

Are you a dreamer to travel all around the world? Actually, it is a passion among younger as well as elders. No matter what is the reason, but if you travel you could be able to celebrate it in its maximum. Sometimes, the newly married couples, families during holidays and the elders after retirement are planning their journey to different countries. However, if you listed the cube as a desired location, there are a lot of things to know before travelling to Cuba. You have to be careful about each and every step in your journey from beginning to end. Here are the 3 main factors to consider before getting into the flight to spend your time on Cuba without worrying on your journey. However, if you could meet a friend who has prior experiences in this country he or she will also guide in some additional information you will never consider before visiting a country.

Ready a pocket of hard money before travelling to Cuba

The money is a significant factor when your travelling to any of the countries. As the US dollars are recognized by many nations we used to bring a pack of dollars or we used to maintain a bank account which can perform transactions from any of the countries. However, you have to change this practice a little before going to Cuba. Make sure to bring a pack of hard money in Euros or else GBP sterling to enjoy the best rates in this country. Otherwise, you have to pay an extra amount of rate to exchange your dollars. Therefore, it is time to say goodbye to US dollars when getting into the flight.

Since there are a limited bank and ATM facilities, I am emphasizing you to carry a pocket of hard money to use in an emergency.

Pack a few dresses in small baggage before travelling to Cuba

Keep away your usual travelling baggage. The doors and gateways in Cuba are small entrances. When you carry huge and weighted baggage with you it will be the most unpleasant experience you are having during this journey. Therefore, make sure to pack your baggage with fewer items that needed to survive in Cuba.

Train to eat less or carry a bottle of the sauce!

Unfortunately, if not expect to please your tongue in Cuba. They have a unique style of food. Those are not that many tasty recipes. Therefore, it is wise enough to add a bottle of pre-prepared food from your country in your baggage. Otherwise, you will feel starving through the journey. But, if you love the taste of the food, you will definitely visit it again. However, the recipes will not favourable for people who addicted to modern foods other than the those who used to eat traditional dish lovers.

The bottom ideas

Since Cuba is a wonderful and independent country it is not easy to visit here without following standard guidelines. Therefore, before travelling to Cuba make sure to prepare your documents and baggage in accordance with their standard measures. However, it will be a wonderful journey in the end. Let's meet with more information on this in the next posts. Keep reading our upcoming posts for a better experience!

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