Travel to mexico city on a budget Essay

Travel to mexico city on a budget

Mexico is one of the renowned destinations for vacationing and get away. It prides in some of the diverse, remarkable, beach resorts, natural sights, and mulitiracial hubs. You have to consider the climatic condition in Mexico before planning your travel, maorly because climate vary there.

Best season to visit Mexico City

Most of us prefer to travel on a budget. Visiting in the low season period goes from days after Easter to mid-December. You would rest assured that you will have a great time visiting Mexico in November since it is warm with minimal rainfall. Another thing is the festivity of this month especially the Day of the Dead. November is the only month you will enjoy the Day of the Dead celebrated in the first two days of the month. This is one of the remarkable events that take place in Mexico.

People in costumes are celebrating “Day of the Dead.

Mexico is truly a diverse country with beautiful attractions from beaches to rich cultural scene. Mazatlan is definitely the top pick as the Shrimp capital of Mexico.

Winter Spring Summer Fall





Average trip cost

Average cost per day

It is good to ask yourself how much cash you might spend while in Mexico City. Traveling in the city is approximated to M$767 ($40). The amount you are likely to spend on food per day amounts to M$198 ($10). Hotel prices differ, but the average budget price is M$733 ($39) (for couples but M$760 ($40) for one person). There are many budget nice hotels in Mexico City you can opt for accommodation.

The table below clearly categorizes travel average prices.

Services Prices/day/person

Accommodation $19/ person

Local transport

• Taxis

• Subway

• Local buses $7

Meal $10/day/person

Average daily cost $40/day/person (rounded off)

Information about Visa to Mexico City

Some countries are exempted from having visa to Mexico City. The countries exempted include Canada, USA, Norway, Great Britain, Germany, France among others. Find out if your country is among them and if your country is not exempted; ask about requirement from a Mexican consulate. People from countries exempted from having a visa must get a valid passport. As a tourist, you will be required to fill an immigration document from the travel agency when you land in Mexico.


1. Aquarium of the Bay

You can see about 20",000 marine animals from San Francisco Bay and nearby waters, is that not insane? In fact, here is the craziest part you can feel the unique sensations of sharks, rays, and sea stars in the touch pools. Throughout the entirety of your trip at the Aquarium of the Bay in SF, you will get to explore the distinctive ecosystems that are part of marine life.

2. California Academy of Sciences

The California Academy of Sciences has one of the most biodiverse and interactive aquariums in the world. Not only that but it is also the home of nearly 40",000 live animals. The building also have a four-story rainforest that blesses us with a symphony of croaking frogs and the lovely tunes of the chirping birds in the forest. There is so much to explore and see!

Worth seeing places while on a budget

1. San Francisco Ferry Building

This is a great destination to visit if you are on a really tight budget. You can visit the San Francisco Ferry Building (of course, if the weather is nice) by taking a stroll along the Embarcadero. There will be a walkway that follows the waterfront. As you follow the path and take your time to explore your surroundings you will eventually arrive to the ferry building. If you get lost, let the smell of the deliciousness take you towards the area.

The ferry building of San Francisco has an array of different places that you can visit; restaurants, cafés, and many other shops. There is one for everyone at the ferry building. You cannot go wrong!

2. Chinatown

A lot of North American cities have their own Chinatown’s but San Francisco’s is among the best to experience. Their Chinatown is the oldest and biggest that there is. The area is historically charged with all sorts of things worth seeing and learning about. If you have any money to splurge you should purchase yourself a walking tour of Chinatown, or you can always enjoy your own Chinatown tour by simply walking around, reading, and exploring your surroundings. It is recommended that you try the Chinese food in Chinatown to get one of the most accurate tastes of the Chinese culture that has been preserved in San Francisco.

Local transportation

Budget airline

Note that it is possible to get cheap flights all year round, but it does not apply to accommodation prices. Using a metro bus costs $1.58 and subway $0.26 which have limited hours. A short ride using taxi cost $5 while using Uber is $7. Taxi and Uber are the most convenient modes of local transport


Cheap quality food includes tortas, tacos, pambazos, quesadillas, and gorditas. For instance, tacos can only cost you $1 on the streets.

Quality restaurants to explore: La Casa de Toño is a popular restaurant which is relatively inexpensive. The restaurant serves various traditional Mexican foods. It is mainly famous for the pozole they cook. The most you can spend is up to $5, inclusive of drinks. Another option is La Baja Tacos restaurant where you can spend about $6.55 for dinner.

Budget local activity ideas

Visiting is artisanal, and food market is free. A tour bus within the city for about 3 hours will cost you $9.22. You can also take a Xochimilco canal cruise where you will only spend $30",


There are local activities that can be performed during your stay in Paris. You can perform the following:

1. Bike Tour: A bike tour in Paris is a very symbolic as it will give you the opportunity to see the different places in Paris. A bike tour provided by Ceetiz, lasts 3 hours. On this Bike tour, you can have the ability to see the City Hall, the Louvre, etc.

2. Skydiving: You can perform skydiving if you love heights. A cameraman will also follow you when you jump.

3. Kart Racing: The Aerokart facility in Paris offers the biggest indoor Karting activity. Aerokart offers some laps and races from time to time.

4. Hoverbooard ride: Almost everyone loves riding on the Hoverboard. The website invites you to visit Paris with one of these skateboards.

A bike tour is highly recommended and the price for a biking tour is €30 per person. This option is much cheaper than the rest activities.

Accommodation details

San Miguel Chapultepec is a good neighborhood with affordable Airbnb accommodation. It is a peaceful and quiet place surrounded by cafes, restaurants and ice-cream shops. It is close to the airport about 45 minutes from the Mexico City International Airport. Alternatively, you can seek other hotels within the city which are still affordable.

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