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Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto from japan are willing to go on an extended honeymoon to Cairns, Australia. Cairns is the city in the northern Queensland tropics which is in Australia. It’s the city lined in restaurants and bars, which has saltwater swimming ponds too. Moreover, it has beaches and mountainous rainforest. The Tjapukai indigenous cultural parks depicts about the stories and Torres canal islander people music. For cairns has so much to see, the people here can give more days to it than they are actually wanting to stay for and explore the city. Australian towns are usually small but it’s so amazing and has a lot more to explore and have fun, which altogether combines a wonderful holiday destination.

A range of flights available to Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto from Sydney to cairns are as: the jet star airlines have a flight departure from Sydney at 6:15 a.m. on 5th of March that is Sunday. It has two hour and five minutes fly time which arrives at cairns at 8:20 a.m., with a cost of $113.50† in the starter category. Another option is of tiger air flight which departs from Sydney at 7:25 a.m. and arrives to cairns at 9:30 a.m., it costs the cheapest range available at $85.00†, express category costs about $99.00† (flight center, 2017).

Cairns being the travel destination has many options available in the hotel category are as Bellevue at trinity beach which is for AUD 402.5 per night. Another option is beach front apartments on trinity beach for a more comfortable stay in cairns for the couple which shall cost about AUD 152.07 average per night for a couple (Elvoline,2017).

Options for a short day cruise available are half day cruise are, as the couple is more interested in wilderness activities it is the perfect option to them. This involves a half day tour harbor with a waterways all along 300 square kilometers which in rich and diverse in its wildlife. Days of operations starts at 1:30 p.m. daily for a two hour cruise. Following are the options:

  • Harbor cruise at 1.30pm – $46.00 is cost per adult.
  • Harbor cruise at 1:30pm with lunch at 12 noon - $70.00 is the cost per adult (cairns harbor and sunset cruises) [cairns harbor and sunset cruise, 2017].

Car hire for the stay of ten days are as follows:

For the in city car hire there are the following options available to the Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto for economy, compact, intermediate, full size and SUV cars are available:

Travel insurance is not only just for the major mishappenings during the travel but also for the ones as lost luggage, cancelled flights, travel documents lost or in case of emergency in a foreign hospital. In cairns options available are as:

  • Cairns penny refreshing banking: This shall cover the conditions specified under its terms and conditions.
  • QBE insurance: This provides such facilities within or out of Australia under its terms and conditions mentioned (cairns penny refreshing banking, 2016).

Moreover, the attraction activities in cairns are as hot air ballooning trip, Daintree rainforests, cape tribulation, rainforest wildlife sanctuary, Fitzroy island trip and cairns cruise with sunset and dinner. These are the following options available for Mr. and Mrs. Yamamoto as for they are fun loving and have travelled extensively.

Climatic conditions forecasted in cairns for March are as 30 degrees as most cloudy in Australia. Also this is considered to be the idle weather to enjoy the city and its attractions.

The terms and conditions regarding these services are as the fare of flight, hotel, cruise and car hire services may change prior to booking. Also the travel agency will not be responsible in the case of lost, theft or any other causality; rather it will be covered under the terms and conditions of the travel agency.

Information package quote for couple 2

George and Alice Brady are looking forward for a travel destination as Hong Kong, after their retirement.

Range of flight options to George and Alice are: Flight departs from Melbourne at 10:10 a.m. on 5 March; Sunday via Philippine airlines will arrive at Hong Kong on 13:20 p.m. in a economy class per adult would cost about $516.34† (includes return fare).Another option is with multiple airlines which departs from Melbourne at 1:00 am on Sunday 5 march; would arrive at Hong Kong at 20:15 pm. This would cost about $643.00† per adult (includes return fare)

Attractions and city tour in Hong Kong includes the peak, which is considered to be one out of the world skyscrapers this is the most enchanting attraction for the tourists. Another is Hong Kong Disneyland theme park which is full of magic and adventures to all age groups. A clock tower is the city’s attraction for it reminds the colonial age period of Hong Kong. The golden bauhinia square is a spot where daily flag rising ceremony takes place in the world renowned center of convection. These are the attractions to the tourists visiting Hong Kong (Agoda, 2017).

Options for hotel to stay in are as butterfly on Victoria boutique hotel which provides a four star facility for a comfortable stay. Another option is Dorset Mong Kong Hong Kong hotel which is also an excellent option for enjoying leisure vacation in Hong Kong.

The climatic conditions in March will be as in day time as 25 degrees Celsius with sun and low clouds on an average according to the weather forecasts. Also, for the people travelling to Hong Kong this is considered to be the best of times in respect to climatic conditions to explore more (accu weather,2017)

Option for travel insurance are as accident while travelling, medical help, delay in the flight, medical evacuation, or in case of cancelling the trip under certain conditions travelers are entitled to get paid of the terms and conditions. The quote is served by travel direct insurance Hong Kong. Moreover, there are two plans amongst which they can select is $178.00 and another which covers basics is for $156.00. (TDI insurance)

All these conditions of travel are covered under the terms and conditions of the service providers specifically. Also, any causality shall not be covered under such circumstances by the package providers individually. There are specific conditions under the each service provider which can be claimed only under the mentioned circumstances.


These are the package quote options available for couple 1 and couple 2 for their respective travel destinations as cairns and Hong Kong respectively. Also, above are the options available for attractions and options available for them.


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