Transformational Leadership Analysis Essay


Describe about the transformational leadership.


Transformational leadership skills

The leadership skills are very much essential for performing at optimum level. An efficient leader should display transformational leadership to perform his day to day job duties (Schoemaker, Krupp & Howland, 2013). The style of leadership where the leader works with his subordinates in order to identify the required change in the organization and the creation of a vision is known as transformational leadership (Schoemaker, Krupp & Howland, 2013). I can think of many instances when I have assumed the role of a leader.

The transformational leader should have a clear understanding of his individual job role and the job role of his team (Dvir et al., 2015). The leader should possess a compelling vision for the future. The leader always strives to seek new opportunities for the organization (Schoemaker, Krupp & Howland, 2013). The leader should provide inspiration to his team members. The leader should provide a good role model, foster collaboration, encourage employees and develop a team spirit (Schoemaker, Krupp & Howland, 2013). I possess high degree of each of these leadership traits.

The transformational leaders should think of existing problems in innovative manner. They should pay attention to other’s needs (Dvir et al., 2015). The leader should respect the feelings of his team members. He or she should encourage the positive performers and should provide special recognition to the good work of his team members (Dvir et al., 2015). There is a need of true interaction with the team members and appreciate them whenever they perform good work. I possess all these skills and try to implement them in the workplace.

I have demonstrated all the traits of a transformational leadership. The transformational leaders need to have long vision, foster the achievement of goals, provide expectations of high performance provide individual support and should provide intellectual stimulation.


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