Transcript: Business Model Canvas And Manner Essay


Discuss about the Transcript for Business Model Canvas and Manner.


The video will be reflecting on the utilization of the business model canvas and the manner in which the business model will be helping to bringing in improvements in the systems of the business. At the inception of the video, the advantages of using the business model canvas is identified and stated and the manner in which the model helps businesses to understand the pathway that the organization must take to bring in improvements. On the other hand the identification of the core competencies and capabilities of the organization is also stated as a major investigative factor that is undertaken by the respective businesses to determine the major moves.

The later part of the video focuses on the chief activities that are undertaken by Commonwealth bank, in Australia and the manner in which the bank utilizes the business model canvas to understand the change needs of the business. The identification of the needs of the customers and designing the activities of the business to support the needs of the customers will be helping the business to bring in improvements in the market situation. On the other hand, the video also focuses on discussing the varied future prospects of the change that the organization must consider trough adhering to the demands of the corporate customers of the business.

The concluding part of the video focuses on the sustainability factors that the business model will be influencing when adapted to the situation of the organization. The changes that will be considered by the bank will be helping them to improve as per the changing trends of the market and thereby influence the sustainability of the functions.

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