Tradition Essay

Things fall apart is a well-known play by a legendary writer called chinua Achebe, which exposes the encounter in society in terms of tradition and modernity. During the colonialization of British Nigerian people struggled a lot with many kinds of social issues. Chinua Achebe is the one who shows great enthusiasm to raise voice against this issues through his literature. In this novel he picturizes the life of Igbo society people and how their life get changed in to modernity from the hands of tradition which was there very primitively. He had given life to the character called ‘Okonkwo’ the protagonist as a rural Nigerian. Actually he is a best example for the well matured Nigerian Masculine gender, who is far better than his father called ‘Unoka’. His father is very fond of flute especially according to the tradition the igbo society is very fond of music, tradition and dance. He has his own dignity among the society apart from it he is the one who defeated so many people in wrestling. In order to obey the rules of the society he is living in a strict manner. While reading the novel we may get the notion that the protagonist is a male chauvinist. He wanted his wife to take all the works whether she like it or not he is not much care about it. But we cannot blame ‘okonkow’ for doing like this, the society treats the women like that. The men used to do like this to women. According to the tradition men can marry more than one women and the society and the family members would greatly tolerate it. Sometimes women may married to more than one man. The protagonist of the novel is a matured man, according to the tradition. He has taken part in agriculture and farming the yam. His wife is also a perfect example for the tradition of Nigerian tradition, whenever the elder people happen to visit their house she would come outside and bend her neck in order to accept their blessing. And go back to the hut and take works. . The novel picturizes the Nigerian society’s huts which they are made according to their tradition. They have made the huts with mud and palm sticks. In a compound they build number of huts separately for the same individuals in the family. Everyone would have their own huts to be live. Nigerian society give much more importance for the privacy of a human being so they made different huts for individuals to make their privacy more specific. During the rainy seasons children would come to sot with their parents and would listen to stories.

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