"Toy Story: The Great Escape" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In 2010, the animation studio "Pixar" decided to revive its already become a legend of the two-part epic "Toy Story." It is with the "Toy Story" in 1995, no one had not known studio began its ascent to the heights of world animation. "Toy Story" made a splash because of the era it was a real and dramatic technological breakthrough. In 1999, the "Pixar" succumbed to the entreaties of the audience, and released in rent "Story 2 Toy", which had an equally big hit with viewers.
Until 2010 remained the only film series kinoseriey filmography "Pixar". And this was not surprising, because in the new millennium, the film company consistently pleased cinephiles various plots. Arrived at the forefront of "Monsters, Inc.," "Cars," "Ratatouille," "WALL-E", but "Toy Story" has remained in the memory as an amazing work -. Incredibly beautiful, kind, pleasant, warm
And now, fifteen years after the debut of "Pixar" on the big multekrane in world cinema appeared the third part of the adventures of cowboy Woody, astronaut Buzz and their friends, "Toy story: The Great escape." Alas, but once again it must be noted that a copy of the original has given way. . Not in all respects, but to a very large extent
What always remains at the highest level in the cartoons "Pixar" - so it's a fantastically realistic graphics. In terms of professional capacities American animators are still beyond the reach of their competitors. "Great pober" and shakes his perfect vizualizmom. Hardly what might quibble: the appearance of toys, facial expressions of people, furniture of the room, part of the landscape, the subjects of the second plan - absolutely everything visible on the screen delights to the heart and affects even the most exacting imagination
separate item will need to be said about the music. accompanied by "The Great escape". In addition to the usual cool tunes, this time the audience certainly cheer compunctionate "Spanish mode" Buzz Lightyear. This is - a real find! It is hardly possible to miss touching courtship Buzz Jesse and forget the subsequent fiery paso doble!
will not go away and the good-natured, warm style of the narrative. In "The Great Escape" fully present remarkable intellectual humor, is not burdened "fashionable" brutal jokes below the belt. However, "The Great Escape" - a return to the early really children's cartoon "Pixar": the first two parts of the toy epic and "A Bug's Life." Then the young studio was trying to play on the field, Disney, producing paintings, mainly designed for the youngest audience. But then the "Pixar" has firmly taken its niche and confidently settled on the top of the intellectual animation fit for comfortable viewing in a circle of family.
In his tapes "Pixar" usually refers to a complex and controversial topics, couching them in a simple, colorful and scientific and popular form. As a result, "Ratatouille," "WALL-E", "Up" Award awarded not only the nursery, but also adolescent, youth, and often - and adult audiences. Therefore, "The Great Escape" is in sharp contrast with cartoons, produced at the studio for eleven years, divided the first run, "Toy Story 2" and "Toy Story 3"
"The Great Escape." - this is a classic children's gigantic motion picture, not abounding intricacies plot. You will not find here any reflection on the structure of society (if remote), or space travel or environmental themes. "The Great Escape" - a sincere story about a touching affection plastic toys to his master, their friendly company, the dedication. Perhaps this is the most vivid cinematic doll, which I have seen: the cowboy Woody, space ranger Buzz Lightyear, faithful horse Bulzay, Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, the girl cowboy Jesse, pig Hamm, Tyrannosaurus Rex, the dog spiral, a fun trio of aliens In "The Great escape" to the heroes of the first two "Toy Story" added a lot of new characters. Thanks to them the adult viewer is transferred to the enchanting world of childhood and is able to once again feel like a carefree child, conducting day long with their favorite toys. Well remembered the negative heroes of the story - Lots teddy bear and his minions Mega bobblehead and Ken. Special thanks to the writers for Barbie. Here the image was very unexpected and very convincing. Looked good and other toys in the "Sun" camp, in particular - Phone. Originally looked Bonnie toys
Unfortunately, in terms of development of the main characters of the characters, "The Great Escape." - nothing more than a parasite on the first two parts of the saga. In the third part of the history of the viewer is not destined to discover new traits in the characters Bulls, Hamm and Rex. There has been some groundwork for a new look at Woody, but his preaching seem a little clumsy. But the dramatic component on Buzz completely convinced with his performance.
"Pixar" again deserves flattering words for the kind introduction, for the short story Clown, backstage at the factory for waste processing, with the final scene of farewell Andy and his toys. These episodes are characterized by an extraordinary drama and lyricism. I will say again, the sacred words "Do not miss the titles!».
However, I was disappointed a little awkward banal plot. It seems that the writers "Pixar" took a little vacation at this time. The first half of "The Great Escape" hangs slightly over time. There were a few curious inserts, but on the whole tape scenario is no different sophistication and quite zauryad. Thank you for the musical numbers Barbie - Ken and Buzz - Jesse, but not worth the "Pixar" disneevschinoy get involved. Leave musicals companies Grandpa Walt and continue in his inimitable spirit! You've found your niche
"The Great Escape." - pretty unpretentious soulful story about true friendship and children-youthful romanticism. In order to preserve this unique atmosphere of "Toy Story", I would suggest "Pixar" stop issuing further parts of the epic. This story is remarkable, but it belongs to a different era. "Toy Story: The Great Escape" - certainly never fail "Pixar" studio, but a clear step backwards in its development. Next will only get worse. If, naturally, there will be no new ideas.

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