"Toy Story: The Great Escape" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

After watching "Toy Story: the great escape 'realize that this is one of those rare contemporary American animated films, which can be put on a par with ours, Soviet cartoons. 'The Great Escape' is a worthy successor of the well-known franchise and is a very interesting and correct in all respects cartoon that I ever happy to show their children, grandchildren, and I will recommend great-grandchildren ...
But all in order. Let us first find out why the cartoon "Toy Story 3" is worthy of our attention and may someday become imperishable masterpiece of animation.
1. High morale for all ages and unusual presentation of truths. This cartoon tells us about the life of children's toys, which allegedly have a soul, and in the absence of the owners come to life. It seems that this story should be interesting only to young children, but this is not so because of the philosophy of multi-level and high moral and ethical load 'Toy Story' will be of interest not only to older children, but also quite adults. So this cartoon tells the story of the most common and generally accepted truths, such as the idea of ​​social equality and the value of family and friendship, the continuity of human development and improvement, 'golden rule', the freedom of human choice and much more. Adults also be interested in family issues and problems of education of children raised in this picture. In addition, it is very important that this cartoon is a very humane: the villains punished, but not physically, but somewhere on the intrapersonal level, and positive characters remain so until the end. Also very interesting is that, despite the primitive simplicity of the plot and morality film looks very unusual and interesting: the fact that all these moral issues are raised, not directly, but indirectly, without interfering with the overall development of the plot. Therefore, this cartoon is not only useful to look, but also very interesting.
2. Ostrosotsialnye even conflicting connotations . In this cartoon touched to date at all times, the problem of the gradual degradation of human society. This problem is revealed by the example of today's children, who from childhood accustomed to violence, rigidity and lack of principle. So the filmmakers wonder (again just was not voicing): what will happen to those children who from infancy so brutally treated by their toys and with each other? Also, the example of toys themselves show an abnormal behavior of parents and the actual manufacturers of these same toys. Why are bright, good-natured and primitive toys have been superseded all these terrible robots, transformers and other soulless absurd freaks? I do not know what brings this 'progress' in our society, but to me, the truth is that after watching this children's cartoon was not much afraid for our world and our future. Let the same, dear parents, from infancy accustom our children to the highest spiritual values ​​and to buy them harmless, naive and that children's toys - those in which we are playing as a child
3.. Great, good, simple characters and sincere feelings and emotions while watching . Kaksaetsya that the main characters of this cartoon, migrated from the previous installments of the franchise, they just did is a the very friendly, the primitive and the good toys. They are on the plot of the film become unnecessary to his master who grew up and still retain their affection for him. All toys - a very positive characters, good and very humane. Very interesting allegorical narrative in this film: the toy as a man can be programmed to ask him a mission to self-destruct, but you can raise it the lightest and right feelings. So this cartoon is a very instructive story, reveals the process of human maturation and really touching to the heart and leaves it in the shower, only pleasant memories and emotions.
4. Appropriate, very light humor and high quality, but not scary and not bulky visual effects. The creators of so many modern cartoons, in order to cut down the big winner at the box office, widening the audience and simply forget that cartoons are removed first all for children. Hence the terrible, ongoing, sometimes to vulgarity vulgar and absolutely nedetskiy humor and plenty of ridiculous special effects designed to attract the attention of the adult audience. This is typical of many modern cartoons, but not for 'Toy Story'. Humor in this cartoon is very apt, bright and most importantly - the children. In the film, there is no vulgar jokes and obscure expressions that may cause confusion and not children's issues in young viewers. In addition, the cartoon is a cartoon:. We do not see here sverhmasshtabnyh effects, humanized and too realistic cartoon characters, super fine granularity, etc. But, the man versed in the modern film industry, understand that despite its apparent simplicity, all the visual effects and all this' cartoon 'cost the creators of' Toy Story 'is not only great strength, but not small expense. Cartoon really made very high quality, with the involvement of so many contemporary visual technologies. Hence the many nominations for the most prestigious awards in technical categories.
5. Stunning soulful music . I was just moved by the sincere and incredibly high-quality, professional and very interesting music. Music in the film and instrumental nenavyazchtvaya, very pleasant and suitable for the plot cartoon. Also really liked the title track (loureat Oscar Award). Also pleased with the fact that the film is completely Russified: in addition to the professional duplication, transferred all screen labels and the title track itself
As a result, we get a decent, highly moral wrong and touching animated film, which really can be compared with the Soviet cartoons..
Watch this film with his sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, grandchildren aged from zero to infinity ... in fact, this film is not only a great platform to raise and discuss the many moral, ethical and social issues, but may simply be an occasion for a wonderful intimate and so rare for today's time evening with your family. I think that no one, even the most callous and nevpechatlitelny people watching this movie will not remain indifferent
For pure sincere emotions while watching do not mind any assessment -.
10 of 10

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