"Toy Story: The Great Escape" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

When I was young, it is also loved to watch children's cartoons. Then they were mostly Soviet-made, with a few exceptions such as Czech, about a mole or a dog Rex. All of them were usually nice and kind, always instructive. In general, all as a classic: "The Tale of a lie, so it hint! Good fellows a lesson. "And as the Soviet Union brought a new person other formations on the ideals of socialism and communism, the Soviet cartoons and take direct part in this. Paradoxically, as the system does not recognize religion, broadcast children are the real Christian virtues, singing friendship and self-sacrifice, mutual support and forgiveness. And let the reality of people continued to arrive in cattle, but the ideals, brought up by the Soviet cartoons, mostly coincided with the ideals of absolute, universal human.
In this sense, I was not very lucky in life, because I was brought up on Soviet cartoons, and then with all that luggage was in a not very friendly capitalist world. All aggravated by the fact that I was raised by women who believed that fighting is bad, and all conflicts can be solved by the world, or at least leave. Everyone knows cartoon about a cat Leopold: "Guys, let's live together!" - this is the case. Compassion, this cat was so boundless that any mischief mouse turned against them. The reality, as always, tears templates. Well, when the cat crap mouse, and if it is a pack of rabid dogs?! ..
How to combine the tenderness, affection, kindness, and at the same time to leave a part of the aggression and anger, ready to break out when the order circumstances require? I can not answer this question, but look modern cartoons and see that they are different, not the kind that had been in the days of my childhood. Perhaps they no longer meet the needs of modern society, in which man is not a friend and competitor, but for me they remain strangers.
previously was not familiar with the franchise 'Toy Story', so even just surprised to look at, in what freaks American children play ... sorry, to get acquainted with your favorite toys American children were at least entertaining. Once again, I convinced some among us a huge cultural gap, though perhaps modern Russian children in the era of globalization, will no longer be as shocked as I
main conflict, which revolves around the cartoon action -. A noble desire to 'good' protagonists justice setting for all, without exception, toys one by one order of play with the children of the younger groups. Resists positive character group of 'bad guys', the gang leader at the head of guarding his bouncers and opportunists who are satisfied with the current situation, when all the toys are divided into castes and untouchables opuschentsev. And how can repel evil? -. To put together the same gang and smack enemies on the cap
follow the development of relations between cartoon toys, you catch yourself thinking that everything is already seen in a pile of other American movies and cartoons - apparently the projection of the real relations between people in the US society. Actually I was somewhat discouraged children did not order that prevails in this kindergarten is more like a prison or barracks. Cute, non-traditional pink teddy bear as a plow zone (someone here even calls him a dictator - then let's go a little further and say that it is Russian, so it will be even more fun). One-eyed PUPS as Godzilla, monkey zombie with bloody eyes. To some it seemed even funny, but I have such "humor" in the children's cartoon scared
Speaking of children: a. The younger group shows a bunch of monsters who do not know pity for toys, especially to strangers, kindergarten. They do not want to be touched, and go and how to embed. Yes, very small very sloppy in this regard, but they are toys - and this is the problem of educators, what toys they entertain children of different age groups. In general, it is played out in front of us an allegorical situation where children toys left unattended, begin to live by the rules themselves razrulivaya situation as they see fit. And since the intellect, education and experience they have as yet little - are obtained by the typical "laws of the jungle", typical of most low developed beings than humans. No children's cartoon turns out in the end. Andy can be compared with the toys of good family children, bringing up their children, and abandoned toys, cast in an institution - with street children or boarding. Easier to instruct the child on the right path, than an adult. If he grows resentful for the whole world - hardly it is waiting for a good future
general theme of the relationship of the child to toys, the development of these relations is very interesting.. The children's games reflect the peculiarities of the emerging nature, fixed the foundations of our social behavior, upbringing laid. In relation to the toy the child can draw conclusions about him most. For example, attachment to a toy reflects our ability to bind and to love a real person. Child toys gives human qualities, animating them in your mind, then they cease to be just objects and become alive. That's why with children's toys we connected so many memories, that's where this nostalgia for them later in life.
Sami children's games give us an idea of ​​what the child sees the relationship between people, as they are estimates that it has a good and what is wrong, how to treat his and others' things - all this can be understood by them to recoup on toys positive and negative roles. In «Toy Story 3" toys, so to speak, play for children cartoon authors, translating them to their ideas of good and bad, directly participating in education. What do they want to teach our children through the 'Toy Story'
friendship, loyalty, rejection of injustice - we begin to enumerate. At the same time the main villain, bear Lots betrayed at the time, in fact it is a difficult child, who is not engaged in one - and the cartoon does not answer how to fix it, only to punish. Child care and children themselves in the course of the story is better not to get - they are all just as mercilessly kill their toys, is just a little slower. It turns out what to give your favorite toy personally some neat girl is preferable
However, objectively cartoon is definitely good:. I have a lot of what I can find fault, but to call him a bad hand is not raised. Perhaps, I would show it to your children. The only thing I could not do - is to take his heart, because he grew up in the other cartoons and played in other toys. Other times, different ideology, different culture, different ideals and people - it is impossible to just pick up and reject. In any case, for me, this cartoon is "the history of American toys" because a lot of what he saw and felt in "Toy Story 3" is not close to me.

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