"Toy Story: The Great Escape" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

'Magicians' Pixar Animation Studios
Each of the main characters Pixar Animation Studios persons performing well, proudly giving him director's work. If you remember all the animation of the studio, we can see that the role of the directors they perform almost alternately. But there are two people who create animated masterpieces of the more touching and emotional, it's Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich . In any case I am not saying that the other employees perform director's work worse, because everyone cartoon acquire the status of 'masterpiece', and deservedly become unforgettable. But Andrew Stanton and Lee Unkrich special director's gift , and that in spite of their work, such as, 'WALL-E', 'Finding Nemo', can not stop crying, the joy of what is happening, then worrying about the characters, and constantly wonder, and marvel at the beauty and dynamism of a particular action. And the cartoon 'Toy Story 3' will get a wonderful, except for all the advantages, and more because it is Lee Unkrich played the protagonist in the creation of the latter, a charming fairy tale.
The Wisdom of John Lasseter
director of the first two enchanting paintings, was very wise, giving the director's pen Lee Unkrich. He understood everything before the creation of the picture, if the third part will again be presented to the world by itself, it will be similar to the previous ones, is that it be repeated, and, in principle, even despite the great story and all the brilliance of the project, it will not look bright and new, in terms of novelty. So he did the right thing, giving the director's brush Lee Unkrich , and that, in turn, not only able to save for the audience, everything old and fell in love, but also as a new face, was able to make a lot of new features and highlights, adding to the hearts of the audience, not only new characters, but also the very grace and novelty cartoon.
Lee Unkrich and his 'star charm'
This talented people, many years devoted himself to work in Pixar animation Studios, I worked mostly writer to many sensational, animated films, also We all remember him as assistant Andrew Stanton in creating, neutopayuschih time, cartoon 'Finding Nemo' and a small 'Flick' . But fate ordered to assume a great responsibility not only create a great sequel, but the most important thing was not to lower the bar for the good name of the great Walt Disney. And so happened , the job is done. What happened in the end ...
'Toy Story 3' - it's a magic asterisk, which fell from heaven, that would be my joy, charm, uniqueness and warmth to dazzle the audience heart, then, unfortunately, return to the sky and have always embody the good and the proud name of 'Toy Story'.
With warm sadness at heart
Frankly a very sad and unfortunate to realize that the time to end, all of us, beloved, charming 'Toy story'. It is time, and nothing or no one, in fact entire trilogy was built on going, with the inevitable fast time. And the storyline throughout the trilogy is only associated with childhood, which has already ended. And with a warm sadness in my soul I look at the final part of the great trilogy, which has set a very fat and a loud point, giving the world 15 years of a child's life - the life of an unusual and very colorful world, gave us a lot of bright and memorable toy characters, and of course the very same tale, through which we have passed over these long 15 years, while living in a wonderful island, along with their favorite toys called 'childhood'.
with tears of joy in his eyes
The audience with great Udo olstviem, but a small part of sadness , the last time falls into the light is very interesting and memorable events, with our favorite characters and captivating toy world, which, honestly, is not I would like to leave, but will have to, because the history of the get better when it moderately, and it does not get boring. The story ended , but ended with the words all the emotions and feelings from what you see, can not be transferred at the end of the cartoon world simply drowned in tears, but they were tears of joy that the light was, is and will remain forever such wonderful cartoons, as the greatest trilogy 'Toy story'.
look, surprise and delight
Cartoon failed completely in all respects , since the fascinating and painfully beautiful and colorful animation as all over the world, as well as toys themselves, ending the wonderful musical th accompaniment and charming final. Special should allocate an excellent component of the story, the story is even better, even more toys, cartoon even more charming, more colorful and interesting. She idea , by fate, throw toys, Andy, in kindergarten, very original, unique and interesting. Simply a splash of bright and colorful abundance of toys never ceases to please the eye, and of course - so beautiful wave of emotion at viewed here and the joy and the experience, compassion, and finally tears of joy and sadness.
Sunset enchanting action
final picture, it's just an angel descended from heaven, to charm the joy of children and adults. This great finale , the last time I have seen a cartoon 'Finding Nemo "and" Monsters, Inc. ", but the end of the cartoon, just pulled out beyond all limits of positive criteria for evaluating any animation pictures. This cartoon just once to see what it would be to end the eyes of almost any audience, were full of tears by what he saw and what is happening behind the magic 103 minutes.
< b> From the purest heart
'Toy story 3' would not be as memorable if not for brilliant masterpieces of the first and second 'Toy story' . And for that, we must pay tribute to the great respect the director of the first two parts of the 'Toy Story', John Lasseter , which not only gave the world, even in the 20th century, our favorite toys, but and attached his soul to the formation of the final masterpiece of the entire trilogy. But of course it is impossible not to admire the work of the writers, producers, and of course, once again praise the Randy Newman , which is almost throughout the existence of Pixar Animation Studios, never blundered and so this time even more so, and carries the good name of the composer of almost all the animation projects of this great studio.
Well, that's all unfortunately. On this joyful and carefree island 'Toy Story' can see only the last piece of the setting sun, which is 15 years warmed the world with its bright rays of goodness, joy, warmth and love. But at least the sun and goes in this radiant island will never come overnight, because the light and warmth of the audience hearts will always illuminate and warm the fabulous island 'Toy Story', which will always be the most striking pieces in the soul, love this fabulous story, a child or an adult.
all my heart ...
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