"Toy Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

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Toy Story
One of the greatest cartoons of all time!. The story itself is timeless, humorous, powerful and wonderfully creative. All the essential elements of a successful narrative and film together in an inspired endeavor, which opened the door and set the benchmark for 'Pixar'. When people leave the room, they come to life, live a little adventure and interact with each other as real people. The room Andy, Sheriff Woody is the ruling, which is confidently leading other toys. Every Christmas and birthday, it becomes time for hysteria, in connection with the possible replacement or sending for sale. Agree, as a child we all always had a suspicion that our toys have a secret life. Authors of the project if they were not hired 'Pixar', quite possibly, could build a horror film around this idea, but instead they chose a more favorable for family viewing path, which has set new standards in animation.
We never we forget what toys we had as a child, and how they are important to us, and it is this strong attachment to them from the beginning gives a massive boost cartoon. Watching the story, we are constantly reminded of how our favorite childhood toys basking in the warm glow of nostalgia and as silly as it may sound, we are in some almost subconscious level, hoping that our own toys were as loyal to us as Andy's toys. One of the most amusing ideas in "Toy Story" - is the adoption of Woody's place as a toy and contrast ignorance Buzz, who believes that he is a cadet who must face his destiny to defeat the evil alien enemy. Personality and actions are fully cinematic. The characters and their relationship is based on a very popular and nostalgic curiosity, allowing numerous jokes perfectly complement the cartoon. To be honest, Buzz more exciting toy than Woody, which most children would practically ignored, as they unpacked Buzz, and the fact that he really considers himself a space adventurer, not a plastic toy, means that we sympathize with him more than Woody. The rest of the toys - a charming company, despite the fact that they strictly follow the instructions of the leader. Of these characters is probably the most impressive is Mr. Potato Head. Of course, especially remembered for toys Frankenstein, who live under the bed terrible Sid treacherous neighboring child who loves his toys fraying, disassemble and assemble them so that they will never be the same. Sid, though interesting, but, of course, terrible. You want him uzvezdyulit, no matter how old you are.
This revelation, looked into the future of animation, when computer programs began to replace pen and ink, as the animator tools. Of course, this cartoon - it is an absolute miracle, with vibrant colors and crystal clear images. To its credit, 'Pixar', they have not only breathed life into this concept, but also were able to give each toy a unique identity. Toy Rex Tyrannosaurus-so glossy and tactile, it seems as though we can reach out and touch her. When some toy soldiers come to life, I recalled his soldiers, which, as it seemed to me, tormented flashbacks that they are in Vietnam again. As a visual feat, technically-cool photorealistic way, this cartoon makes it possible to take a fresh look at the texture of the physical world. The fact that the 'Bambi' and 'Snow White' made to generate comprehensive nature, the 'Toy Story' makes for a surprisingly plastic.
mind (and resonance) is that embodies cartoon toys to life just the way it is done in children his fantasies. Lasseter turns plastic into pure imagination. Take the Buzz, which to an extent thoughtlessly selfish, not even aware that he is a toy. He thinks he's Buzz, the master of the universe. This is a wonderful satirical concept and Buzz with his smile and big chin, with its fantastic macho-friendliness is a funny and touching character. His faith in his own supernormal abilities, particularly in the ability to fly, so perfect, that the innocence of his self-deception becomes strangely charming. Like everyone else, Andy toys, Buzz must finally understand that he is just a toy. But this does not mean that he should stop dreaming. Beauty is like a cartoon captures the essence of children's games - remain a dreamer, even when you're already awake
'Toy Story', in other words, a classic.. Although animation technologies proudly marching forward, though perhaps modern animated films look much better, 'Toy Story' - it really is a legendary event. Cartoon will continue to delight, amaze, entertain and inspire children and adults for decades to come. 'Pixar' still makes fantastic cartoons, but this defines them. Who knew that a cartoon about toys that happen to live, is so deep talk about the human experience? This is what distinguishes the 'Pixar' from others - they have the imagination, enabling them to believe it was possible. 1995th was a year of infinity ...

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