"Toy Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Childhood ... about it, we are forced to say with a smile and irony, because of it I want to say that. As children, we do not like to pay attention to the problems and hardships and to devote all their free time, and we dissociate himself from them thick wall of dreams, fantasy and positive. We love our parents, moms and dads, are becoming infected by a portion of the love and the warmth of the soul. We are pleased to be in the family, we love, because she loves you. However, the best childhood friends for each of us, every normal person is, by contrast, inanimate things, taking different faces and colors, attracting the attention and interest of a greedy child. These things are essential figures in early childhood. And their name is - toy . Thanks to them, children can not simply pass the time on silly games and overindulgence. Toys help the child to know himself and his inner world, embodies the imagination, character, relationship to surrounding people. That is why we believe toy things that used to literally did not leave, loved and dear
Animation -. Inexhaustible genre, because with each passing decade, he strives for new faces and discoveries, improved and updated. It all started with "wheels" that people have made the discovery, at which it became clear how to make a moving picture. Sequential rotation of images with fast speed spawned a cartoon in which characters can move. And they have learned to speak and with time. And now, after more than a century, mankind has again reached new heights in the field of animation: set off in the course of computer graphics. No, she appeared much earlier, but it was used quite rarely and cautiously experimented in feature films, over it and it improved, which eventually led to the possibility of using computer graphics animation.
real progress in this area has served shedevrialny, matchless and eternal cartoon from magic studios Pixar and Disney -. «Toy story» of course, 1995 year recognized the revolutionary, because it was then left this wonderful cartoon, which has undergone a runaway success in the sense of crystals. And even it is not surprising that we are in it is a question of a simple and at the same time it is important for each of us -. Toys
Yes, the plot adheres to the established framework, for which the main characters are not people, not animals, in the end, not robots and aliens, and toys ... this is the original painting of the narrative. Toys are not just animated things, no. This is our dream, the fruits of children's imagination, which is based on innocence and faith. And with toys, if accompanied with the past childhood, we are pleased to find ourselves in the toy world, where space is very human problems.
cartoon comes from powerful radiation, warming our soul and with rising light in our hearts, which serves to push the power lifting not just good, but childishly delightful mood, rarely occurs when you view the animated pictures. The creators like thickened all the charm and joy of our world and skillfully embody this amazing clot in the superior animation masterpiece, giving the viewer happiness by distorting the bright side of human childhood. "Toy Story" easily and quietly turns the viewer into a small child, whom the liking of nice characters and spirited adventure podbavlennye unique sense of humor that gives a mixture of tape fragile but stable atmosphere saturated with drive and intrigue.
From the point of view this story creation can be calculated by adhering to the views of objective and fair conclusions, the precious treasure of the animated cinema. Taking into account not only the efforts of writers, but the painstaking work of the artist and of great composers such as Randy Newman and Klaus Leydzh, songs and music which splashes out on a wave of positive viewer, it is impossible to deny the obvious fact on the side of which stands almost the whole world that "Toy story" - a unique masterpiece that deserves the title "classic cartoon". Story, graphics and soundtrack - the basic elements of the cartoon not only in harmony with each other, striving for perfection paintings of nature, and form a single whole, indomitable force, inevitably plunges into ecstasy. Benefits cartoon closely and tightly interconnected that does not give the picture crumble into small pieces and helps a firm hold on the characters and their adventures, for whom you want to follow and at the same time to participate in them, and this once again points to the fact that when viewing audience literally returns to childhood, wide open for the proposed creators of events and dangers. Adventures, of course, do not go beyond the limits of a global scale, but it is fun and exciting story in which an event is transformed into an exciting arcade rpg, supported by an incredibly touching drama and a nice sense of humor.
And like with anything new and unimaginable in a cartoon face is simply impossible, but the world created by John Lasseter, somehow inspires curiosity, interest, and makes manifest the desire for adventure and exploration, but the locales are just ordinary houses, courtyards, entertainment centers and vehicles. In spite of the fact that the main characters - toys, the creators were able to put in the free play all their imagination, putting the viewer in place of the characters and not causing a child to experience them. Someone somewhere had fallen, someone took someone broke into pieces - daily care usual toys, leading a secret from the "master" of life. In the world of these concerns, and we dipped, in consequence of which there is a very comfortable, but surprisingly exciting atmosphere
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«Toy Story." - tidbit childhood. A childhood we cherish as a priceless gift of our lives. And this masterpiece gives us a window into the world of children's dreams and fantasies, as unprecedented, unique, bright, incredibly cute and that should be considered the first animated film with computer animation, committed not just a revolution, but a breakthrough in the genre, and in the ideological concept.

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