"Toy Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Kids and Toys
we are all with you once were children, and of course the toys have been, are and will remain for the rest of the children's life totally for each child, a part of these special children, such vulnerable and fragile hearts . Toys are for boys and girls not only as mere inanimate objects for games and entertainment, but first of all for every child every toy is mainly most a close and trusted friend , which is a child of a child, but it is very much loves and cares, protects, and most importantly, consider a favorite toy with her first and best companion in his vulnerable and fragile life in the process so called convergence which originates the process of communication and understanding neighbor, and at the initial stage of formation of person STI in any kid, favorite toys play a vital role the formation of the child as an individual and complete human being in the future.
The first step in the animation of the 21st century
so far away, and now in our time, it would seem impossible for such a masterpiece, 1995. Still only a year ago the world had just drowned by the enchanting and captivating action, the greatest creation of Walt Disney Studios hands - the eternal 'Lion King'. It would seem, what else can surprise, just after all is nothing but a single year, and the young adult audience who likes beautiful cartoons. Drawing cartoons and to this day are considered to be very lively and a masterpiece, but it is a 'King Lion' world and begins to say goodbye to such a heavy and a live hand-drawn animation, and transfer power to 'brush' to computer animation.
Pixar Animation Studios
Then, back in the 20th century, the viewer does not even know that such cartoons, published just completely out of the computer possible. All of us, including myself, used to the cartoons have only one, is drawn by human hands, and other cartoons can not be, and should not. Very young and then-novice director John Lasseter greatly risked creating it at the time such an unusual, and this, as it turned out, a masterpiece cartoon computer. The audience will accept it as will be appreciated by all, he simply did not yet know, but had to take the risk. The director, writers, and producers have made the most important step in the future of animation, creating an enchanting 'Toy Story', they not only won the hearts of children all over the world, but pointed the way, and gave impetus to the development of animation technology in the future.
Touching a story about living toys
cartoon turned out the way, even the creators did not expect to see him. This is the only cartoon that animation studio, or rather his entire trilogy, which has not the slightest minus. Sensual, very good and charming children's story, which will impress any one child's heart in the world and has taught children that the toys, this is something more, and that the love they need as well as the mother, father, other relatives, and generally treat with warmth and kindness. Toys presents us animate, such as people who also have heart and soul, and that, too, need to be caring for him, love, tenderness and affection. And that even the toy is ready to give his life for his only friend - a child, without which any toy is transformed into an ordinary and useless thing. In my heart this cartoon, or rather not even he is one, and the whole toy trilogy, will occupy an important place and will always be something more than than other cartoons. After all, in it there is also humor and grace and charisma, and feelings, feelings and emotions for a moment leave the viewer with each minute viewing causing surprise and delight.
Any child peeking such a wonderful story, be sure to change their attitude towards a favorite toy, will be even more to love and appreciate them, and most importantly, treasure them.
Alexander Bargmann
This wonderful actor not just a master of Russian dubbing, but a real and inimitable master of Russian voice acting. Of course, we all got used to it in the finest 'Pirates of the Caribbean', seeing and listening to the unique Johnny Depp in the role of fairy and present 'Jack Sparrow'. But now his voice and forever belongs to all of us loved, bright Sheriff Woody, who so wants to be a favorite toy adorable baby. Therefore, the inimitable Alexander Bargmann bow low and thank you so much for such a strong, good and professional attitude to this case heavy Russian voice acting.
Russian dubbing
remaining artists have pleased no less, and all of them great thank you not only for their excellent work, but also for the fact that our artists give voice only from the heart and put in his characters, whether it's a movie or cartoon, the most expensive - is the sincerity and feeling, without which no cost, no one film or cartoon in Russia .
History of the ages of toys
In Overall cartoon turned out just wonderful, it does not have even the slightest pomarochki, the slightest minus and not a bit nothing more. When viewing always want to cry, that such masterpieces and such devotion in our world is still there. Let it all just a fairy tale, even if all this is just a fantasy, but what is it kind, nice, wonderful and instructive, and most interestingly, everyone, including myself, who has ever watched any or part of this fascinating trilogy of toys at any age, forever changed their relationship to toys to see their favorite toy, be sure to look at them from the other side - the part of love for them, and understanding of the children's warmth and good humor
a small but sincere. wishes
Let us love with you our favorite toys and (at any age) even more strongly, more warm and sincere to treat them, because they are so alive and happy, they love us, they only need to take a closer look and to love them with all our hearts, because it is our toys in the early childhood were for we have practically everything, and loved friends and faithful companions of our child's life, who always cheer us up, first we shared with them the joy and experience with them
Toys -. it is a piece of our soul, which is all life will remain with us.
from with all my heart ...
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