"Toy Story" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
When the road looks rough ahead
And you're miles and miles from your nice warm bed
You just remember what your old pal said
Boy, you've got a friend in me
Yeah, you've got a friend in me ...
idea that all the toys worth their owners a little turn, come to life and begin to live their own lives, is known in children's fairy tales, almost from the foundation of the world. It is at this classic, so to speak, the idea and built the first animated feature 'Pixar' (and in combination - the world's first animated feature, entirely drawn on the computer)
For me personally, this cartoon is not fanatical, but very warm. attitude. I can easily stick it on the shelf and forget for a few years, but if somehow I was lucky enough to revise it, I was from the beginning to the end of the eyes from the screen does not tear off, and then I will remember everything for a long time as if for the first time I saw. Truly timeless, eternal favorite cartoon.
Plot is simple, like all brilliant. There once was a boy, Andy, and he had a favorite toy - cowboy Woody. And then for my birthday, Andy gave a new toy, fancy spaceman Buzz, who immediately began to displace Woody to his own place. Andy, the rest get-together toy - all admired, and Woody, and no one pays any attention. It is easy to imagine what had to sort the situation to Woody. Yes, and even attack - Buzz quite sincerely believes that he is a cosmonaut, and thus will soon begin to create Woody a lot of problems when they are, thanks to the same Woody (and the wrong time to blow off steam Buzz), will be away from home, risking a lifetime . and stay on the street (and about the middle of the movie and even worse)
Trifle, primitive - toys come to life, cherished toys attention on the part of the owners. Yes, that really there, they are not the first, they did not last. But it managed to beat on the "Pixar"! How unusual, so I wonder how attractive, how vital, vivid, touching ... purely in Pixar, I would say. The main characters - Sheriff Woody and Buzz Lightyear - just hit its naturalness and reasonableness. You take a look only on Woody when he is angry with Buzz, Buzz himself almost the whole movie it reacts. 'You are a very strange creature miserable' - They killed simply ... amazing, un-fabulous like us - not good, not bad, nothing human is alien to them, motives of their actions completely logical and understandable - in short, they live
-! Shut up! Better shut
-! Sheriff is not the time to panic ...
- It's time to panic! I was lost, Andy left, they will move soon, and all your fault
-! I blame ?! If you had not shoved me out of the window ...
- And if you had not appeared with his wacky spaceship and taken away from me the most important thing ...
Woody feelings are understandable to any audience, from! toddlers to adults. Love for all ages, and consequently, blinding jealousy ... It is normal and natural for all of us desire - to love and be loved and needed ... And because by nature he was not a bad guy, though, which really must admit obviously like him to be a leader, to command ... Well seen just the same that much. But it is clear at the same time and the other - not so much he cherishes reputation favorite toys of Andy as Andy himself. No wonder, that Buzz to a certain point it can not be tolerated. Buzz it, however, too. But there's Woody himself to blame. And so far, reviewing from time to time, "Toy Story", I can not help but smile looking at this couple. You see, just listen, they argue, as the pin up one another, they say, as a joke. The script, dialogues and characters characters 100 from 100.
- I translate laser "kill" mode ...
- Strangers in the night If anything, we blinked them unconscious ...
And in the end, and Buzz, Woody and adventure have benefited. Not only that, they still made the two of them to stay together (initially - willy-nilly, then to the heart), and Buzz "found out who should he now consider himself" and that it was not as bad as it seemed initially, and up to Woody in the end it comes, that the choice of Andy is more important than his own jealousy (output, which in real life can do, not every adult). In the end, Buzz something evil he never wanted, and Andy's Buzz, unlike Woody, to a certain point was, in general, to the bulb
And the rest of the characters, in general, are very nice. - characters, though simple, but very well spelled out, one of the characters does not throw tricks that from it would be difficult to expect the motives of actions of all the characters are clear and logical. Psychology observed quite clearly - not, for example, some dark moments, when one of the characters, even a second before the other hated, had suddenly changing dramatically and begins to help him, or vice versa. And although the cartoon is still, of course, a children's enough seriousness firm Pixar already clearly visible.
And for the formulation of action adventure and a huge thanks to my childhood. I remember that in the first views of both parts was literally on the nerves (in the good sense, of course). When Buzz and Woody chased the truck, I was for them just the same isperezhivalas, but what there is - still worried when reviewing - that's almost-almost got it ... and again ... and there is literally at the last moment in time. .. About the house Sid, I generally keep quiet - 'you would know what horror here' ... In total I can not describe it, of course, but it's great shot
And, of course, animation ... the very kryshesryvnaya computer animation that Pixar will only improve from year to year. Well, yes, of course, reviewing the "Toy Story" now, I can not help but notice what a huge step to make the technology over the years. Cut a little eye-people characters and animals, there are minor glitches with subtle facial expressions and the plasticity of the characters. Pretty poor little textures. If you look, it simply is seen as piksarovtsy dodge in order to simplify the characters (of course, a purely graphical). But in general - all with a bang. All at the highest grade. How I did not revise this cartoon, I did not get the feeling that it is some sort of very much old or even more ugly. Striking portrayal of the characters toys - such they should be. Why, compare at least the first part of the trailer and the upcoming third, not yet published on the screens at the time of writing this review - you'll understand what I mean. Woody & Co. has not aged a single drop
If what and find fault, it's our Russian translation (and then some -. Not like just how Lightyear translated the word, written in Buzz on Buzz Svetik suit -. Yes, that is the real name for a superhero, I do not argue here ... Although, if it was made to think out teasers like a greeting and Legkovesika -. then it is understandable)
stunning charge of good mood, live characters, wonderful rendering, excellent neposhlye jokes and even relatively unpredictable scenario - all this' history igrush . Nuts' And the moral of friendship and love, served quite well - without unnecessary pathos dialogues, monologues, as sometimes happens
And if simpler, Toy Story -. It is everything for what we love Pixar . Their phenomenal ability to make candy out of the simplest and most children's stories, to put it very serious meaning and impress us with gorgeous computer animation, and the farther away - the more
And as the years go by,
Our friendship. will never die
You're gonna see it's our destiny
You've got a friend in me
You've got a friend in me
Yea, you've got a friend in me. ..

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