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The Touch screen technology is a very talked about technology in today’s world. All the companies are trying to incorporate this technology into their devices (Nueman, 2014). Most of the devices that the people are using today are touch screen enabled. The technology is used basically to perform the input and the output operations of the systems of the device. In addition to this, there have more number of projects in the future that is looking to implement the technology in their hardware devices.

The report provides a case where the touch screen technology is being incorporated with the hardware of the devices.

The report provides a brief summary of the case, the main technology of the systems are also discussed. In addition to this, the impact of the technology on the businesses in the future are also discussed. In addition to this, the market share for the top companies in the fields are also discussed in the report.

Summary of the case

In the article “Touchscreen MacBook, iMacs: Is apple Adding technology to Mac Devices? ” in the released on 4 May 2017 it has been mentioned that, the Apple Inc. company is looking to implement touch screen facility on their MacBook and desktops. Although it has been said that the plan that the Apple Company is looking to introduce is basically for their Mac Pro computers but it is also known from secret sources that the company is looking to implement the technology even on their MacBook and iMac technology also (Wu et al., 2013). Although according to the reports that were posted by the Apple Company it has been said that there are no intentions of the company to release the Mac books or the iMacs with the touch screen facility. The company have said that they are not implementing the techniques right now. It has been thought that it would be very awkward for the users to access the screen that are over 27 inches in the touchscreen mode. They have also thought that the touch screen are also not very useful for the multi-touch facilities in the Mac devices. The touch screen desktops have been rumored about for many years and are now getting some response form the companies. But the companies are deciding to take the innovations slowly in to considerations and also are thinking of performing proper testing procedures before putting the machine in to actual field of work. Although in the rumors it has been mentioned that the touch screen facilities if released would be released in the MacBook Pro version of the machines. In addition to Apple their competitors such as the Microsoft Company, Lenovo and Dell are also considering the implementation of the touch screen facilities in the desktop machines that can be released in the market.

Main technologies discussed

The main technologies that are discussed in the report are basically the implementation of the touch screen facilities on the desktops that are produced by the company. In the article it has been mentioned that, the Apple Company are looking to implement the touch screen facilities mainly on their desktops (Wieman, 2014). The Apple Company are basically looking to implement the touch screen facilities on the Mac Pro computers. The Mac pro computers have a touch bar with an integrated touch ID sensors implemented in them. It is used for the security of the computer using the biometrics systems in the computer. The Mac Pro computers have a 2.9 Ghz dual core Intel Core i5 processors installed in them. This provides very performances of the computers. The processors have a Turbo Core boost process installed in them that can boost the systems clock speed up to 3.3 gigahertz speed. They are also presented with a L3 cache memory that is present in them. It also has an Intel Iris Graphics 550 installed in them. This enables retina display in the desktops. Thids would be fairly enhanced by the touchscreen display in the screen of the desktops. In addition to this there are also chances that the company would be implementing the techniques in their MacBook and iMac devices. In addition to all these the devices produces display with a resolution of 5120x2880 with over 60 hertz in about aver a billion number of colors in the machines. In addition to this computer supports HDMI, VGA and Thunderbolt 2 ports in its system. The system would be supporting all these type of files for the display. Hence, the touch screen would also have to support all these techniques in the incorporated system.

The impact of the technologies discussed on the future of businesses

The Mac Pro computers would be enabling the users with the opportunity of using the touch screen computers. The Mac Pro computers already provide a variety of features such as the retina display, and a very high level of resolution for the display purposes. It would be enhancing the experience of the users to new level. In addition to this, the computer also provides various other kinds of features for the users. And all these features are in addition to the enhanced display features of the computers. But, it has been predicted that the introduction of the new systems would not impact the overall business of the company to any extent (Kolias et al., 2013). The overall customer satisfaction of the customers would not be altered much as the cost of the normal machines hence the customers would delighted with additional features but the budget for the implementation of the machines with the new technology would be much more than that of the actual machines. In addition to this the company is also looking to implement the techniques in the iMac and the MacBook with the touchscreen features in the future. But the officials at the company have indicated that the technologies would not be much of the help for the users of the device. In fact, the 27 inch machines would make in difficult for the users to reach out and access the screen. This would be depreciating the market for the product. This would not be having much of an effect on the market. Hence, the company is looking to upgrade the product so that they have an efficient effect on the market of the product.

The market share for the top 3 leaders

The top three leaders in the market in the field of the touchscreen desktops are HP, Apple and Microsoft. The leading brand is the Apple Inc. with their Mac Pro computers. They provide the most efficient display features in the market. Hence, the touchscreen features when incorporated with all the display features give the product an exceptional advantage in the market. In addition to this the Surface Studios that are produced by Microsoft also requires special mention. It has been estimated that around 10% of the PCs that are sold would be touch screen desktops and this would till the end of the year 2021. The Windows 2-1 tablets that are sold in Australia already has a 2% increase in the sales of the computer. According to a survey it has been reported that, about 1.64 million tablets have already been sold in 2016 itself and the 2-in-1 computers have accounted for over 27% of the total sales of the computer in the whole world (Kane et al., 2013). Although with this statistics it has been seen that Apple still has accounted for more than 44% of the sale in the market. In addition to this, it has been noted that there has been a rise in the sale of the windows tablet by 60% in the year 2017. And it has also been stated that, 40% of the people also selected the top brands as their main preferences. In addition to this HP also is not far behind in the market. They have made an impressive progress in the market of the touchscreen desktops. The HP Company have introduced the AIO series of desktops. The All in one product of the HP Company has gain a huge popularity in the market due to their low pricing. The AIO series of HP provides computers at prices lower than that of the Apple or the Windows Company.


For conclusion it can be said that the report has efficiently provided a case where the touch screen technology is being incorporated with the hardware of the devices. The report provides a brief summary of the case, the main technology of the systems are also discussed. In addition to this, the impact of the technology on the businesses in the future are also discussed. In addition to this, the market share for the top companies in the fields are also discussed in the report. For the leading companies Apple, Microsoft and HP has been selected. In addition to this is has be shown that the touch screen desktops have a steady market and also have an efficient scope for improvement.


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