Top 7 ppc trends 2019 — what you should do? Essay

One which has grabbed the attention of billions was the rebranding of Google’s renowned Advertising System – Google Adwords into Google Ads. The new interface has come with lots of functional enhancements, also the promising user experience to all the business gigs.

Amazon has become a new search engine and it has started dominating Google on the web. Bing Ad has changed its makeover, launching millions features, and improvements so far.

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How 2019 will be extraordinary for PPC Marketers?

If we talk about 2018 trends, you heard and read about Artificial Intelligence, voice search, personalization, audience targeting and much more.

Let’s watch a quick video on the latest trends in pay per click campaigns.

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Clearly, 2019 will be focused on Automation and Audience. As predicted, these two will be there in marketing trends.

Here are 7 of the biggest trends 2019 – includes paid search, remarketing, social, and or Audiences vs. Keywords and much more

Let’s do not wait, let’s rush – Listing Top 7 biggest PPC trends 2019, that should be knowing if you are running a pay per click campaign or part of Pay Per Click Advertising Agency, or anyhow you are connected, with digital marketing.

It’s going to be really important to you.

Top 7 PPC Trends to jump on 2019

#1 Trend – Customers will be in the limelight

#2 Trend – Right Funnels will blow the candles

#3 Trend – Amazon will rock!

#4 Trend – Automation dipped-in human intelligence

#5 Trend – Visualization will rule the Google

#6 Trend – Win-Win for Better Ad

#7 Trend – Old is Gold

#1 Customers will be in the limelight


Going through the sayings of famous marketing strategists and industrial trendsetters, 2019 will not be keyword specific anymore, they have declared, keywords will no more impactful.

Rather, this year will be focused on the audience. How?

Let’s see, How Aaron Levy of Elite SEM reacted on it.

“It’s been a long time coming; search engines have given us too many additional levers to handle along with keywords",” Levy said. “I believe next year will the beginning of the end for keywords as a primary search lever.”

But, at the same time, many researchers and strategists stood in critics too. They believe that keywords will continue to remain in limelight, either. Let’s see, how Purna Virji, Senior Manager of Global Engagement, Microsoft had words on running scene.

“Drill down in them even further, so your ad messaging can be as relevant and feel as personalized as possible",” she said. “This will be hugely important in 2019!”

There are as many suggestions, like as many people. But, the thing which has remained constant. Let’s drew some important conclusions.

If you want to excel on Google, you need to be customer-centric. You need to think like customers, act like that. Personalization is the key. Audience Targeting and Keywords will be equally important for high performing PPC search network.

#4 Science of Marketing Funnel


It is seen nowadays, marketers have to interact across different marketing channels, with their audiences, in a variety of stages of the buying cycle to get productive results.

But, it is to be taken into consideration, which channel is on the top?

For instance, you have published a video on youtube, Visitor has seen that, got engaged too. Then, he found a branded paid search AD running on Google, he clicked and visited your site and make a purchase. So, in this, which platform is more responsible?

Confused? But true, which channel has a greater share?

In today’s attribution scenario? Clicking attribution models have been stopped working. It’s happening all because your customers have not been limited to a single marketing channel but, they can be converted from different means.

In this case, it is becoming difficult for marketers to find and measure the effectiveness channels available.

What should be done in this case?

Your PPC strategy needs a good multi-touch attribution model. But, if it is not there, you can save yourself with low-funnel marketing channels like paid search, which will ultimately deliver a good return-on-investment/return-on-ad-spend.

#3 Over the Horizon, there is Amazon


With more than $1 trillion, net worth, this eCommerce platform is on the winning edge. When it comes to ad placement, you should note that it has so far captured the attention of Google, Facebook, and Bing.

Further, Researches says, this year going to be wondrous for e-commerce brands, more chance to reach potential buyers with high-degree of personalization.

#4 Automation with a dip of human intelligence


You don’t have to carry automation with yourself, it’s already running with you.

Navah Hopkins, Services Innovation Strategist, WordStream, has put some concluding words in this domain.

He said, “Consider delegating grunt work (bid management, keyword variables, etc.) to automation and machine learning while retaining tasks requiring creativity and brand/business knowledge (ad copy, campaign strategy, etc.).”

Over the past years, PPC automation is going towards experiments and learning, thorough. This approach is one of the powerful ways to improve campaign performance with automation.

For everything go smooth, Setup campaigns in a way it should help algorithms work in your favor.

You can effectively carry out by implementing effective and accurate conversion tracking, writing compelling ad copy and identifying your ideal customers and keywords.

#5 Kudos to Videos


Video marketing has out-performed in 2018 and is going to be bigger in 2019. The video is incredibly a powerful marketing strategy to publicize your products and services over the web.

And, it is also seen, display ads tend to get more clicks than text ads. As people will only buy when they see what are they really getting.


Other than PPC, if you are searching for – How to get famous quickly? Or how to attract visitors? Trust me, videos are the best, that anybody can earn popularity, along with good revenue.

If you are still not convinced, let me take you to stats:

More than 8 billion videos are watched daily on Facebook.

96% of consumers find videos helpful when making purchase decisions online.

58% of consumers consider companies that produce video content to be more trustworthy.

71% of consumers say that videos leave a positive impression of a company.

77% of consumers consider companies that create an online video as more engaged with customers.

#6 Rethink your ADS


Your ads play a major role in your PPC campaigns and marketing success. If we look at 2018 criteria of ranking, it is found, those ad copies performed really well and have higher conversion rates, which were drafted well and were targeted with right content for the right audience.

Observations say, go for multiple versions of headlines, test them by creating multiple headlines one, two, and three. And, use them with different descriptions.

This PPC trend is one of the most important Pay Per Click Advertising practices. If you are able to add extensions with your ads, that would be a cherry on the cake for you.

#7 Reign of Retargeting

Why you should focus on remarketing in 2019. Why?

Clearly, because of high CTR(Click Through Rates) and higher conversion rates. If you think, on adding “BUY NOW”, “SHOP NOW” like keywords in your ads will help you convert. You are slightly mistaken here.


Remarketing is an audience-based marketing approach. Rather than endeavoring to beat individuals who aren’t prepared to become tied up with purchasing from you, you have to utilize what you think about your group of onlookers and where they are at in the purchasing cycle to make advertisements that assistance them prepare to purchase.

Are you ready to rock?


And, there you have, seven hottest PPC trends 2019, that will be advantageous for you the whole year. Let’s make this 2019, the biggest for you, in terms of revenue, sales, conversions or anything which benefits your brand in long run.

If you want us to help you taking advantage of these PPC trends, let me know here or in the comments. I am happy to help!

What are your views on these 2019 PPC trends? Do they affect your online marketing efforts? Are there any trends, I have missed? You can add them.

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