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Still do not know where you are going to travel in summer ? Are you still thinking about it and time is falling on you? In the last weeks I have been able to receive dozens of e-mails on the same question. There are really many people who still have not decided on the trip they are going to make this summer . I am going to try to contribute something, to see if with a few ideas we solve the matter. Sunset on the island of Komodo (Indonesia) Where to travel this summer? To help those undecided and undecided I have selected a few destinations , some more complex and others more to walk around the house, to arm one of those great experiences that I remember all my life. IDEAS TO TRAVEL IN SUMMER First of all I must make clear that when I talk about traveling in summer I mean the European summer that touches the months of June, July, August and almost all September. Especially in the face of avoiding or taking into account certain destinations where the weather is not the best at this time. As you will see, in this selection of ten places there is everything. Some more expensive and distant, others more at hand, where fit different budget forks and taking into account that time is really cast on us. The Alentejo coast by car (or camper) The Alentejo is in fashion! While the interior part of the region in summer is a real oven, the coast has enough resources to attract people fleeing the crowded beaches of other parts of the peninsula. Along almost two hundred kilometers receiving the Atlantic breeze you can trace a route along the Alentejo coast by car or camper (which you now see a lot in Portugal ) to stay to sleep with sea views. Troia, Comporta, Vilanova de Milfontes, the Vicentine route, the Sines of Vasco de Gama, a host of Roman ruins, lagoons like San Andrés, ideal for photographing sea birds, the curious Carrasqueira port, the dolphins that go up the Sado River in search of food and a long list of proposals for those looking for coastline, but without buildings killing the beach and the feeling that there are still summer places like before. Coast of the Alentejo PROS: While there is an upward trend of tourists on the Alentejo coast, it is still far below other beach resorts. The prices, in addition, are quite competitive. And eat a show. Here you can search for restaurants that can be booked in Portugal with CONS: It hurts to have to dodge the interior during the summer due to the high temperatures. With the one of castles that there are in the Alentejo or beautiful towns like Marvão, Castelo de Vide or Monsaraz . Although the possibility of renting a boat in Lake Alqueva and spending several days soaking in a boat-house is by no means a bad option. MORE INFORMATION : Route by car along the Alentejo coast . The return to Iceland in two weeks The star of recent summers is Iceland , and indisputably. And I do not say it just because it is the most wanted destination in this blog in 2015, 2016 and 2017 (in 2018 it is still in the first place), which helps me get an idea, but because its visitor numbers speak for themselves. They practically double from one year to the next. Who knows if it is one of the most shocking scenarios of Game of Thrones, if by the movie of "The secret life of Walter Mitty", the amount of news about the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull volcano or for the role of his football team in the last championships. I think, rather, that word of mouth has done much to tell first-hand one of the most amazing roadtrips that can be done in Europe today. Because not every day you can go around an island with immensity of volcanoes, glaciers, icebergs, fumaroles and flocks of puffins fluttering on the cliffs . Beach of Vík (Reynisfjara, Iceland) The summer in Iceland is light almost 24 hours. A period in which the snow gives a truce to color the fields and mountains of green phosphorus and many of the roads that have remained closed for most of the winter are opened. The circular route in Iceland (the mythical ring road) using a car or motorhome is an excellent way to tour the country. It takes around 10-15 days to do it, although it can be reduced if we focus on the southern part of Iceland , for example, where there is a spectacular amalgam of waterfalls, glaciers, Viking villages like Keldur , the queen of all visits , the Jökulsárlón lagoonin which icebergs float and ice floes that even reach the beach. If we have less time (something less than a week) an interesting option is to set up Reykjavik, the capital, and make round trips from there . Car in Iceland PROS: Light all day, freedom to go on your own in a rental car and, perhaps, the best time to travel to Iceland . Open roads, puffins from May to the end of August and better climate. CONS: The hotel infrastructure in Iceland is scarce and does not correspond to the current demand for what it costs to find rooms and the prices go up if you do not book in advance. The same happens with rental cars. MORE INFORMATION: 50 practical tips for traveling to Iceland . Rías Baixas, between hórreos, albariños and postcard beaches When I mentioned before that I would give destinations to walk around the house, I said it literally. Because if there is one place that becomes my house every summer is the area of Sanxenxo and Portonovo in Rías Baixas (Galicia) . In a modest hotel where my grandparents and my aunts were already (and whose name I do not want to remember) I spent the summers since I was fifteen years old. And I know a good part of the estuaries of Arousa, Vigo and Pontevedra after a long time traveling by car, boat or on foot. So, perhaps I lack objectivity to say that for me summer is synonymous with Galicia, its beautiful Rías Baixas. Island of Sálvora (Rías Baixas, Galicia) Do you know everything that this area can give? A collection of beautiful beaches, many of them maintaining their essence and without "urban horrors" decorating them, charming villages such as Combarro, the historic center of Cambados, the cradle of Albariño, the most unpublished corners of the Cíes, Ons, Sálvora or the island of Arosa (it is connected by a bridge), the monasteries of Poio or Armenteira, the market of the pedra in Vigo, the path between the rocks of San Vicente do Mar or the Viking towers of Catoira. If to all this we add a privileged climate, how well you eat (a seafood platter in O Grove is LAW) and that even their prices are not those of the Mediterranean, we have a difficult result to beat. Beach in Sálvora Island (Rías Baixas, Galicia) This year I return to the Rías Baixas. This year, I return to Galicia! PROS: Good beaches, fabulous landscapes, good food with affordable prices (here some of the best restaurants in the area that can be booked in advance with ). And also a destination that goes far beyond the beach with a lot of recommended visits to villages, monasteries and castles. The heat is not as stifling as in other areas of Spain (it is a pleasure to sleep "frequitos" at certain times of the year). CONS: Public transport is not the best. It is very necessary to have your own vehicle or rent to move. More likely to rain than in other coastal areas of Spain (Mediterranean). MORE INFORMATION: 20 routes or short excursions to do from Sanxenxo / Portonovo . Indonesia, escaping the monsoon on the Asian continent One of the problems when we leave Europe in summer to other continents is that we directly encounter the rainy season in Southeast Asia or the South American winter. Undoubtedly the months when it rains most in Thailand , Vietnam , Cambodia , Singapore , Laos , Myanmar , the Philippines, Malaysia and company are June, July, August and September. But there is a blessed exception. And it's called Indonesia, that being in somewhat lower latitudes (except some islands and north of Sumatra), dodges the effects of the monsoons in this area of the world. In fact, our summer coincides with the dry season (although having a tropical climate does not mean that it does not rain, much less) of this country. A conglomerate of more than 17",000 islands that is explained by an immense cultural diversity. Temples of Prambanan (Indonesia) In Indonesia, all types of travelers can be accommodated. Solitaires with backpacks, groups of friends, couples of all ages who want to treat themselves and go to good hotels, born improvisers, nature lovers, divers, surfers, photographers, anthropologists, professional visitors of monuments and temples of the world ... Has it all! The mythical island of Borneo with the last orangutans , the largest stupa in the world in Borobudur , "Angkorian" temples in Prambanan , volcanoes such as Bromo or those seen in Lombok, Java or Flores , the Balinese culture and its delicious rice fields, the traditions in Sulawesi, the paradises under the sea in Moluccas or in the Bay of Labuanbajo, the legendarydragons of Komodo , the ethnic groups of the island of Papua ... Sunset on the island of Komodo (Indonesia) PROS: Good weather that avoids the worst of the monsoon in Asia, a huge diversity of tourism proposals, affordable prices and a hotel infrastructure for all possible demands. CONS: The tourism does not stop growing in the country so there are more and more people, need to hire flights or ferries between islands when their planes or boats are not among the best in the world precisely, the disaster of intensive cutting to cultivate palm oil in Borneo ... MORE INFORMATION: Guide and index of stories of a trip to Indonesia . Route through the heart of the Caucasus in Armenia and Georgia In the far east of Europe, caressing meridians more typical of Asia, is another of those cradles of the world, a pioneer corner capable of traveling to the most unusual confines of history. In the rhythm of the Caucasus mountain range hang Georgia and Armenia , the first countries in the world to adopt Christianity as an official religion and, which preserve monasteries and churches more than 1500 years old. Caucasian countries very different from each other but with curiously Mediterranean customs, more linked to the Iberian Peninsula than you would imagine. Sele in Armenia In Armenia , in the shadow of the snowy peak of Mount Ararat (yes, this one in Turkish territory), there is a wonderful collection of monasteries and archaeological complexes where the religious tradition is still latent. A spectrum of canyons, flowery valleys and tiny samples of the oldest Christian in front of a civilization that wishes to come out of oblivion and claim itself in style. Crosses of stone (Khachkars) carved by the blow of faith that remain stuck in the ground as witnesses of a long History (those of Noraduz near Lake Sevan are worth seeing) are alive emblems of one of those countries that visit, at least, Once in life. Khor Virap (Armenia) Georgia , fully integrated into the Caucasus barrier, is a happy country, celebrating every moment in front of a table full of food (and if it is with khinkalis or khachapuris better than better) and toasting with what they say is the oldest wine in the world. planet (in the Kakheti region there are hundreds of wineries and wine tourism traditions). It was the second country to accept Christianity as the official religion, although here the tradition is Russian Orthodox. Like Armenia treasures churches and monasteries nestled in the most strange and photogenic places possible, as well as three small (or not so small) Cappadocians such as Vardzia, Davit Gareja and Uplistsikhe. Soak your feet in the lively Batumi (which overlooks the Black Sea) and get lost in the stone towers of the remote Svaneti, in the Caucasus. Personally I believe that this is and will be the European revelation in the coming years. And in summer the temperature is excellent. Ananuri (Georgia) PROS: Its huge cultural and historical heritage, the rich gastronomy, the prices and the luck of not being (still) overcrowded. In addition, there are direct flights between Kutaisi and Barcelona with the company Wizzair. CONS: There are no direct flights between Spain and Armenia. In Georgia they drive like true psychopaths. And the capital of Armenia, Yerevan, constituting itself as base of operations to cross the country, is quite weak. Quite the opposite of Tbilisi, in Georgia, which is highly recommended. MORE INFORMATION: Roadmap of a trip to Armenia / Roadmap of a trip to Georgia ; 50 practical tips for traveling to Armenia / 50 practical tips for traveling to Georgia . A mobile safari in Botswana Kenya and Tanzania are the true stars in the world of safaris in Africa . But, what if we go to South Africa? In Botswana, the number of tourists is much smaller and a mobile safari in the main natural parks of the country can be an excellent idea for authentic lovers of the animal world. Imagine, camping inside the parks and reserves, "disappearing" from the world completely for a few days and seeing incredible scenes of nature. Who knows if this is what we found ourselves when we witnessed how nine lions hunted a buffalo in front of our noses. Or living a series of momentazos difficult to describe . Everything is possible. Male lion in Chobe (Botswana) PROS: Much less crowded than Kenya and Tanzania, in summer is dry season, total disconnection, flying over the Okavango delta , possibility of combining with Victoria Falls or South Africa , pure adventure. CONS: Less attractive landscape than the plains of the Masai Mara, Serengeti or the Ngorongoro crater . MORE INFORMATION: X-ray of a mobile safari day in Botswana ; A trip to Botswana counted in 13 momentazos ; 20 species to see and photograph on a safari to Botswana . Northern lights in Greenland ... in August? An adventure in Greenland is more than an adventure. Not every day you have the possibility of walking through glaciers or camping in front of them (even flying over them by helicopter ), avoiding icebergs by kayak or by boat, following in the footsteps of the first Vikings who came to America (four centuries before Cristóbal Colón) and go to sleep listening to the roar of a waterfall while a large group of caribou are seen in the distance. But it is also that Greenland lets see in the skies the northern lights a lot earlier than in other Arctic destinations. In fact at the end of August this phenomenon is visible in the south of Greenland, where the nights arrive before and allow us to glimpse the famous green lights. Sele and Álvaro doing kayaking in Greenland, specifically in Tasiusaq PROS: A very TOP destination for lovers of hiking, kayaking and wild natural landscapes, good temperature in summer, affordable prices with the company of Ramón Larramendi, Tierras Polares , the only Spaniards to have their own infrastructure in Greenland . CONS : Flights are expensive, having to leave from Copenhagen or Reykjavik . There is a very limited presence of hotels, having to sleep in shelters or tents. MORE INFORMATION : Greenland, trip to the wonders of a polar planet ; Alphabet to travel to Greenland (from A to Z) . Alaska in motorhome A roadtrip on the last frontier as a summer trip does not sound too bad. June, July and August are perfect months to go around Alaska, since in the rest of the year the thermometers go down until they break. Summer is salmon season, and therefore, brown bears feast in feast . And ideal for hiking through the natural parks or facing the glacial walls by boat and see the whales jump and a lot of animals. Alaska is a wildlife paradise, with a fairly high number of species to see and photograph. All this is possible in the Alaskan way, that is, with the house in tow. The motorhome becomes the watchword of an adventure on wheels on roads that are lost in deep forests or that chase glacial ice in valleys of a dinosaur movie. Brown bear coast in Alaska PROS: Total improvisation, animals, very suitable for families, benevolent climate, capital landscapes. CONS: High prices of motorhome rentals, requires booking (flights and vehicle) well in advance. MORE INFORMATION: 60 tips for traveling to Alaska in a motorhome ; Roadmap of a motorhome trip . Beaches of Montenegro In the south of Croatia, Montenegro stands as a coastal destination in which to enjoy the breeze and clear waters of the Adriatic. Of a coastline of almost 300 kilometers, 72 are beaches. Some so beautiful that for many they are among the best in Europe. Budva (with Kraljičina plaža as prominent ) , Sveti Stefan or the well-known Bečićka plaža are some of the most popular sun and beach sites in the small Balkan country that declared independence in 2006. Sveti Stefan (Montenegro) PROS: A TOP destination for lovers of good beaches. Beautiful villages on the coast. Closeness to the Dalmatian coast, specifically with (approx 90 km from Kotor). CONS: There are no direct flights from Spain, proliferation of Montenegro as a tourist destination (especially Budva and Kotor). MORE INFORMATION: Route through the Baltic Republics: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania Three small countries bathed by the waters of the Baltic Sea. Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are three small European pearls that until the fall of the USSR did not open to tourism. Now, without borders or paperwork, are another of those trips to do by car that is able to gather experiences in beautiful cities ( Tallinn , Riga and Vilnius are), visit nature parks (where there is still enough wildlife), privileged islands Estonians, testimonies of faith and resistance on the hill of Lithuanian crosses and fine sandy beaches in the Curonian Spit. Or castles for which it is required to carry a lantern of the ones before (in Cēsis ) or that are reflected in a lake ( Trakai) in an idyllic way. Tallinn (Estonia) PROS: Ideal countries to travel by car, short distances, still affordable prices, many hours of light in summer (Tallin dusk in July beyond 12). CONS: The most beautiful of the three Baltic capitals, Tallinn , is a cruise destination and, therefore, is full of tourists. MORE INFORMATION: Summary and guide of a trip by car to the Baltics . And wild card: KAMCHATKA EXPEDITION I promised ten recommended destinations for this summer. But let me give you one last piece of advice. For lovers of unusual places and very little trite I have prepared an author's trip (that is, you can point people) nothing less than the Kamchatka Peninsula, in the eastern end of Russia. And why Kamchatka? Has it all. It is a type "Alaska" in Siberian version, with about thirty active volcanoes, ice caves, impenetrable forests and an amount of wild fauna (There are thousands of brown bears in this territory). A trip in 6 × 6 trucks, camping at the foot of the volcanoes, making trips by sea to see whales or sea lions, in a river or even in a helicopter to go to see bears. For me, therefore, it is A DESTINATION for this summer. There are very few places left. If you sign up (only exit August 9, two weeks of travel) I assure you you will live one of the best adventures of your life.

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