Top 10 Gartner Strategic ICT Trends Essay

What is Gartner?

Gartner is a widely known research company that also provides its readers with suggestions and advices. Their goal is to help people who are in need of tools, insights or as mentioned earlier, advices in order to accomplish their tasks.

Top 10 Gartner Strategic ICT Trends of 2018

Al Foundation

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence which has been around since the 1950’s and is defined by Minsky and McCarthy (n.d.) as “any task performed by a program or a machine that, if a human carried out the same activity it would require intelligence.” The AI Foundation helps in the field of decision making, business and customer experiences. As a student, the Al Foundation can help in the writing of essays and reading the texts in our literature classes.

Intelligent Apps and Analytics

The intelligent apps and analytics are tools that helps the people interact with the AI systems. It helps with statistical data, business, nature of work and virtual customer services. This technology can help me in classes where-in we gather data such as business math, statistics and probability and researches.

Intelligent Things

Intelligent things is known to make use of Artificial Intelligence to interact with people and its surroundings. It operates simultaneously even when unsupervised to accomplish its tasks on time. Being a student can be difficult especially when it comes to dealing with deadlines and using Intelligent Things can help make things more efficient in order to finish deadlines on time.

Digital Twins

The technology Digital Twins represents the reality in a digital form. It links the real world to the digital version to provide information to its users. It is related to asset managements and also operations on product improvements. In can help people in a sense that it helps with data and also it responds to changes made in the data gathered.

Cloud to the Edge

Cloud to the Edge are two different things; edge is a technology that computes and places information and content together with its source or also known as the “edge” of the network. While cloud is a technology that delivers services to its users. This can be helpful to people who use the internet often for research because the technology helps find the sources of the information faster.

Conversational Platforms

The Conversational Platforms is a tool where people can have conversations and the technology would be able to provide answers. It is similar to having a conversation in reality, hence the name. this can be useful for communicating for group works and projects and also to gather more data.

Immersive Experience

Immersive Experience is the combination of the conversation platform, augmented reality and virtual reality. It is normally used in smartphones, tablets and other devices. This can be helpful to the people because it is in a smartphone which is portable and easy to use anywhere at any time.


The Blockchain removes the friction in businesses being caused by different applications and the participants. It can be used in the healthcare, government, transactions, supply chain, etc. This is helpful for the people who will is involved in the mention fields earlier such as government, transactions, etc.


Event-Driven means that it is based on what is new and in trend in the digital business. It can adapt to changes whether it be notable changes or not. This can be used in strategizing and “event-thinking” when it comes to different tasks.

Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust

CARTA or also known as the Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust is a program that helps deal with security threats. It is makes real-time, risk and trust-based decisions that is aligned with security-enabled business. This can help everyone in a sense where it can help protect each device from viruses and other bugs that can affect the technology.

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