Top 10 exciting fashion styles that rocked the streets Essay

The runway of fashion weeks show you what’s coming next in future while the streets showcase what is hot now. Every season, beautiful ladies walk on the streets and display some of the most exciting fashion styles you can see.

Now that the summer is upon us, you will be seeing many amazingly beautiful wardrobe styles on the streets and will get all the inspiration that you need to fill up your wardrobe with the latest fashion.

Now as you go shopping, the following are the top fashion trends that I have rounded up for you.

1. Blazers and Bike Shorts

Blazers with bike shorts have been shown on the runway by many beauties this month as a refreshing blend of sportswear like bike shorts and tailoring blazers for you to wear.

This interesting blend is actually noticeable and stylish. Even though this blend is not ok for office or the gym but it is best to walk on the streets wearing on or to have fun with your friends at the Sunday brunch.

2. Animal Imprints

The stars of the streets are shown wearing various exciting animal prints especially leopard print on different garments like coats, dresses, pants and more.

To follow these amazingly stylish ladies, unleash your animal instincts and try some striking colors on your animal print wardrobe.

3. Lovely Boiler Suits

Many pragmatic fashion designs were displayed in all the big cities known for fashion all this month. This amazing style was noticeable on its own terms.

Boiler suits were basically designed for manual labour purpose but now this unique one-piece garment design is as fashionable as much as it is useful. This unique design is available in various styles so chose your best as you will not be getting short of choices here.

4. Lavender Moods

Ultra violet color had been the admiral color of the year 2018. As for 2019, the street stars are seen more into rocking a cast range of Lavender family and from that family, light purple has been accepted to be the most stylish one on the clothes.

5. Puffed Shoulder Dresses

Puffed shoulder dresses added an 80s touch to the modern day outfits with fantastic and stylish colors. Puffed shoulders are available in both dresses and blouses.

6. Fantastic Neo-Gothic Style

Embrace your dark side and get on the street with this amazing neo-gothic fashion style shown in the picture. Just try on your over-all black in-trend dresses with a stylish twist and don’t forget to wear a dark red lipstick to give a sexy touch to your neo-gothic style.

7. Colorful Tartan Wears

Not only the leopard print, but tartan also was seen on the streets of London, Paris, New York and Milan and of course this style was not worn in an insignificant style, rather filled with striking colors by the street fashion stars.

Pick up your favorite colored tartan dress and make your own statement on the fashion streets this year’s summer.

8. Stylish Bucket Hats

This 90s accessory is now back with a bang and must be in your shopping list for 2019.

These casual hats are perfect for your weekend gatherings providing you with both sun protection and style. These hats can be worn with overalls, dresses and more as they add an on-trend factor to any outfit no matter the hats are plain or patterned.

9. Exciting Patchwork

Patchwork is a design grandma enjoys and this is a fashion trend for 2019 as well.

Patchwork was displayed on jumpsuits, pants and other wardrobe items on the streets from Paris to New York. Patchwork pieces teamed up with simple block-colored garments and rocked the streets and you can do the same as well by just picking up what suits you best.

10. Cool Short Bags

A handbag has been a must have thing in every season fashion show so it’s obvious for this season as well to have this item as a must.

This season’s hand bag is the most lust-worthy as well as the smallest of them all. The bag is shortened down to just carry a phone or a lipstick if it could. You should invest in this mini version of handbags and as a bonus, you won’t have a tired shoulder carrying this style item with you all day.

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