"Tomorrow Was the War" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The debut film by young director Yuri Kara filmed on the novel by the great Soviet writer Boris Vasilyev, of course, would not pass censorship at that epoch, which is shown in the film. After all, there are people who at that time represented the heroes, insisted that all they imitated, represented by political fanatics. I have not lived in a time and do not judge me, what were those people. The art is to think through the senses, and the sense of this film touches. If the film touches them, and ponder them want.
reasons on which this film affects the thoughts and feelings, this film enough. First, the film draws. It lasts only about 90 minutes, but does not seem too short. He logically developed and logically complete. Second, throughout the film the viewer empathizes with the heroes who wants to know what will happen next. But the end is very sad, I do not want to believe it. For the year in which the action takes place the film -. 1940 th, and we all know what will happen next year
The main characters are dreaming about their future. Iskra Polyakova ever wanted to dedicate the use of his people, and Vic Zina dream of 'simple female happiness. " All about something dream. But their future will not be long and terrible. And not just because the war begins in a year. Who in this blame? This question is put in front of us. Each viewer will give the answer to this question.
touches upon the sensitive issue of who is it that can safely call myself a 'real man', although the fore presented female characters. It does not explain why, for example, must always be a 'real man'. School director presents it as' truth that needs no proof. " In the film, however, condemning all those who think that there is a truth that needs no proof. No need to listen to what is forcibly driven into her head. No need to blindly go for no dictator, not for God, nor for public opinion. Also do not need to blindly praise their idols. Teaches film.
I am shocked by the play of actors.
First of all, I was very pleased with the great actress Nina Ruslanova. Her character or real obozhatelnitsa Soviet system, or really wants to look itself. For this role, she received a well-deserved 'Nick'. At least for the sake of it is necessary to watch this film. Without it, the film would not be able to stay in the memory, the meaning would be lost.
Young Irina Cherichenko played purposeful Woman Spark Polyakov. She is the editor of the school wall newspaper, has high hopes for its future. However, she can not live freely thanks to his mother, who vigilantly watching their daughter closely monitors all its entries in the wall newspaper, and drives his daughter to head their life principles. But at the same time a mother and daughter truly love each other and wish each other luck.
whilst enjoying a game of actress Natalia Nehoda. Her heroine completely not interested in the political system, it does not care about society. Her first care what society thinks about it, in particular, about its appearance. She wants to be 'a favorite toy in the hands of men', which does not hide. The very first scene in all its beauty shows her delicious breasts. A year later, she will star in 'Little Faith', there is also not something you can see.
Very sweet girl Vika brilliantly played Julia Tarkhova. Again, someone to blame for the fate of this girl? After all, it is anyone not done anything wrong, only the daughter too much brooding man who also anyone has done nothing wrong?
soulless Valendru brilliantly played Vera Alentova. Valendry profession - teacher, and drive in unanimity head - her work. She strongly believes in communism, believes that someone can bring people under the pretext of birthday to familiarize them with the work of Esenina.
The same, in fact, the problem and the school principal Romakhin, played by the great actor Sergei Nikonenko. But they are opposites. Romakhin believes that the woman must be a woman, and a man a man - this is the first truth that requires no proof for it. He believes that the need to raise their children in an atmosphere favorable to them, and does not seek to prohibit them anything. Everything else departs for him by the wayside.
perestroika This film is a masterpiece, and, in my opinion, deserve much higher ranking. We strongly advise you to watch it all.

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