"Tomorrow Was the War" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

"The art is to the mind through the senses", a thought is expressed in the movie one of the characters. Its correctness is confirmed by the fact of this, that one and a half hours keeps the audience in his captivity, not allowing distractions to anything else besides what is happening on the screen. And then, after the tension eased, there comes a time for reflection.
I first saw the film "Tomorrow Was the War" at the time of its release on the screen, in the late 80's, and has recently revised again. Now I see and understand much better than those days in his 13 years, but the emotional impact of this stuff is still great. And if the film and two decades after its creation, is able to cause the same strong feelings, if he is capable of with equal force to work on entering into the life of a teenager, and an adult, past a certain segment of the ways of man, so it is really strong movie.
course, this portrait of the era. Stalin's repressions, the atmosphere is artificially created a military camp, broken destiny ... And the younger generation, asylum, believing in the ideals sincerely proud of their country, who want to serve their country. And the future, waiting for those just starting to live boys and girls, the future, which, unlike the audience, they do not know anything. Yet it is not only a portrait of the era. And especially, do not expose the "damned totalitarian past" crimes of Stalinism, captured under the influence of environment and safely forgotten after the demand for a study of "white spots of history" has decreased significantly. And if I were asked to express in one sentence what this film, I would say that this is a film about freedom. Of course, not about political freedom, but about the freedom that exists in all times, under any social system and political system. On freedom of moral choice. Do you turn into a villain, or stay true man. And this is the story of how the maturation. Because it does not start when we get a passport or a certificate of maturity, not when the step over a certain time abroad. Adolescence is when human life puts in front of this a moral choice, he accepts responsibility and is aware of one simple truth - the important thing is that he has to do, no one apart from him and he will not make
This is a story about ordinary high school students. who are friends, experiencing first love, the first manifestation of sensuality, which are beginning to think about their destination, about happiness, about the world that surrounds them. And to whom life suddenly opens its dark side, testing the strength of the lessons of Truth book. The main heroine of the picture, Iskra Polyakova, the test stand. She frankly admits he does not understand anything, but it does not matter, she'll have time for questions, its nature does not allow it to them not to ask, but now, at this moment, she realizes another important thing. And it fulfills its duty to the girlfriend, even for a minute without thinking of the consequences for her personally all this may lead. Beloved heroine also makes his choice and is crossing the line that separates childhood from adulthood. In a sense, he is more mature than his former classmates, but not accidental heroine abandons him. She understands, if not mind, I feel that it is not the man to whom she can rely on in the future.
This is the story of a generation that has revolutionized and determined the fate of the country in the next decade. Every adult character pattern represents a particular social type, a certain section of this generation. Intellectual Lyubertsy, for which question marks rather exclamation marks. He thought first awakened Sparks, taught her to ask questions, not to repeat the ready, invented by someone answers. This man is a social layer, doomed to destruction, because it is against this layer against the party intelligentsia, and was sent to the tip of Stalinist repression. Romakhin school director, a former cavalry officer, who on geography lesson instead of explaining the material is immersed in the memories of the steppes, where he fought in the Civil. Nevertheless, this man helps his students to learn something more valuable than knowledge of the Ganges tributaries, and does so not only through words, but, more importantly, the power of personal example. Mother Sparks Polyakova, a party worker, the woman resisted the all female, severe and inflexible even to his daughter, and not coming out of the image of the Commissioner of the Civil War. And although at first glance it seems that it speaks with official stamps, in fact, it was her idea, her worn-out and hard-won. She really believes that doubt weaken the will to fight, and the discussions are pointless and harmful, for friends argue about, but the enemies have to fight. Yes, the people of the warehouse and ensured the victory of the Stalinist regime, but notice how it works, learning about the arrest of Lyubertsy. As well as her daughter, Polyakova - older rushes to the aid of his friend, in fact, considers it his right, almost a privilege. We must realize that meant at the time to speak in defense of the "enemy of the people", and the image of the loyal party member will appear in a totally different form. And perhaps, in the heart of this woman buried personal secret, which she would never admit to anyone. And it is absolutely stunning conversation with her daughter in the final. How strong man have to be to tell your child that his life expects a lot of grief if he will remain for what is now. And loving her daughter, she did not ask her to change, but only advises how to deal with this grief. One of the scenes would have been enough to make the film a masterpiece. Antipode of these characters acts Valendra head teacher, the person responsible for the death Vicki Lyubertsy. Of course, she did not aspire to such a tragic end, she needed only to protect themselves and their school, to demonstrate to the authorities that they have reacted in time to take action and etc. She moved with the most common fear, not lofty ideals, the fear that this who is able to keep yourself in the hands of a woman found only once, before the meeting, which was to present the highest leadership. And although no one ever brings to justice for his death, the consequences are terrible for her, as for the teacher catastrophic -. The loss of credibility and self-respect in the eyes of his disciples
Such is the simple story.

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