"Tomorrow Was the War" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

. Introduction
funny to watch how people praise this film allegedly denouncing the time and showing him the way he was - without embellishment. Cruel, intolerant, propagandize that brooked no different opinions, etc. All that probably really was characteristic of the pre-war years. But for me personally in this most amusing it seems that the current time is essentially not much different from that shown in the film. Truth and dictatorship have still conditional, and at the present time this is not the dictatorship of the proletariat - rather liberal
Perhaps you're thinking something in the spirit of: ' What are you, henbane stuffed .? ',' What are you talking about 'and so on, but just rewind the page up and look at the composition of the reviews - twenty-two positive, one negative and three neutral. Then click on the negative ... and personally I have it just is not visible. Although, maybe it personally I have some glitch. But conspiracy slimy tentacles already sheburshat in mind, offering a completely different options, for example, that the author is so zaminusovali that he simply chose to remove his negative review of this film. However, it was me ... we have the same freedom of opinion and expression. Tolerance.
No matter. To hell with all this pathos - will talk about the film
I do not know why I start with a story or discuss the immediate creators of the fantasy flick.. Probably the second, because without understanding some things about the personalities responsible for the film, it will be difficult to understand how everything else is growing
So :. In my opinion the main, pivotal author of this film is a Boris Vasiliev - a prominent Soviet writer and novelist, has achieved remarkable success was in the Soviet Union and has received national recognition for such masterpieces as' The Dawns here are quiet ',' The officers ',' Ata-Two, soldiers were going ', and others. But here's the curious thing. It turns out the author created it all, as they say, holding a fig in the pocket, because his real attitude to the described period is only manifested in the sunset of the USSR, when the blew ardent wind ' perestroika ', ' Publicity 'and the terrible accusations of the Soviet past, of which he Vasilev, of course, is.
reforged in a new way, the author immediately began lyuteyshim anti-Stalinist, and work it instantly began to resemble, for example, solzhenitsenskie.
Actually, if we closely look at the plot of the film ' Tomorrow was the war ', not thin Divine, and from a historical point of view, then immediately we see how it is transformed into reality. The picture tells the story of 40th years - the eve of the war ... and what we see? Take the lead aircraft in the night for ... what? Esenina for reading? For his remarks about the presumption of innocence? Director of the school, for calling on a student's funeral, removed from his post and expelled from the party.
strange. After all the years of the Great Terror, when this situation somehow hypothetically might occur in reality - passed. They ended in October-November 38th . In the fortieth like it was impossible, especially considering that the country is in every way prepared for the inevitable war.
However, for Vasileva, who believed Stalin a jerk ( is a direct quote, if ), such things are not obvious. Without an understanding of its relationship to its own past, many things in the film seem frankly idiotic, but with the understanding - then begin to talk, but not so much time as about the author
what I mean.? For example, about how the film depicts people - bright and clean kids who look much older than they should be, in high school. Soulful, intelligent designer, it's wise to speculate on ways on one side and dull on the other sovkotnya. These characters in the film, at least two - the teacher at school and totalitarian hysterically wheezing on any occasion mother of the main character - Sparks. More stilted and cardboard characters is hard to imagine, so the authors have tried to fill them only one feature. Even scenes with them in the finals, which are supposed to reveal the inner world of these people and show them how even a human, cause only bewilderment. However, the promise is clear - it was necessary to show how the regime internally racked up even the most faithful of his servants
And here we go directly to what is poured upon us from the screen, namely -. Terry anti-Soviet in the fact that neither is on the straight and vulgar form. Yes, the picture still keeps a Soviet film school, so the story has turned solid, actor's game, though not brilliant, but still does not cause pain in the teeth. Perhaps only the operator's work seemed to me some really very primitive, although this, in general, is not new and is pretty standard for the Soviet cinema.
But to directing certain claims there. For example, rail straightness and clear position, which is imposed on the viewer from the first frame. In the movie aircraft, speaking on the topic of what is to awaken in man the art, talks about the issues that they are preferable to exclamation marks. And this argument seems to me valuable. It is a pity that the director did not listen to the character's own movie and piled a real exclamation point in front of us. It remains only the arrows indicate who is good, who is bad. However, such a conventional shooter can be considered the most controversial, in my opinion, the artistic solution of the film -. Play with color image
So beaten, but nevertheless an effective technique in the hands of the master works perfectly well, here it has turned vulgar, tasteless and pretentious . So that the viewer does not remain a shadow of doubt that the author considers good and bad.
And that's why the film itself turned in the same straight line, hemp and propaganda, becoming a sort of one of the first signs of anti-Soviet shaft that poured out on the screens of our homeland in the 90th, 00th, and a no-no now, drip of another miscarriage domestic film production.
Nevertheless, the film ' Tomorrow was the war ' can not be denied certain psychologism, better dialogue and a total integrity of the narrative. If not this an attempt to drum spectator in the head his point of view, it is not the desire to divide the world into black and white, probably would come out good make movies. And so ...
However, looking at the overall assessment, as well as on the reviews of others, I understand that the grain it fell on fertile soil, which is sad.
But what am I doing? Do I dare to doubt the genius? Go against society is not necessary to speak openly about his disagreement with it, society vision - too. How is it in the film one of the characters said:
Well, then shut up, I realized
It seems that really should keep quiet, and the present Democrats with the Liberals peck ... not in the spirit of the damned shovels? . That's never.

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