Together for respect peace safety and dignity for all Essay

unity is strength. when there is alliance and collaboration wonderful things can be fulfilled an inspiring quotation from a witty and noble poet mattie stepanek. what does the state want to imply it solely expresses that unity has a remarkable role in today's society and with the aid of partnership and collaboration of humans several amends can happen. as the modernization began our rural the philippines should been facing several dilemmas wherein whole has the capability to resolve these issues. in addition if we manifest oneness the rural itself would cease constructing inevitable trials that we may face in the future. if each one of us possess the same aspiration would it most likely resort to coordination of our nation and us the filipinos if we humans have the capability to construct various plans regarding on how to stabilize the unity in our nation would it have an enormous impact to the forthcoming of our homeland unity one of the major topics in our society has done an immense role to the unification of our compatriots. it refers to the quality or state of being made one. however countless people has no willingness to cooperate in every way. it resorts to the absence of respect peace safety and dignity for every person. unification ought to be empowered in our rural. to enrich the oneness of each person honing their learnings regarding the significance of unity is a must. in addition unity can be evident if there is discipline in each one of us. moreover there are deeds that prove the existence of unity in our pastoral. insert bayanihan respect no matter what age you are or what your race is is ought to be employed by each individuals. respect also defines that we as a human ought to accept other people's particular way of thinking and we should treat other persons in a humane manner. we the filipino people are not oblivious to the fact that respect has a vital role in our society. if we lack respect to our compatriots we cannot form any unity that will serve as our strength. people nowadays must recall that respect is once gained through respecting others. moreover respect is the sense of worth or personal value that you attach to someone. before anything else respect must start within yourselves. respecting yourself means giving and defining your own worth and value as a human being. just like with yourself when you demonstrate respect for others you give value to their being and ideals. in addition you will make someone feel good by granting them respect provided of course that it is something that they deserve. respect is one of mankinds most noble sentiments. the highest levels of respect are always earned never given. this is true of self-respect as well as respect for others and in that way we can form a unity among us. in respect dignity can be also related. dignity by definition is the quality of being worthy of honor or respect. the value of respect and dignity is for us to gain and manifest the notion on how to treat other people with no partiality included that no one ought to be neither the inferior nor the superior. in amending unity it is compulsory for us to possess respect in every aspect. peace a state of tranquility or quiet has been entitled as one of the most essential topics in our motherland. we are not oblivious to the fact that peace is not a rare issue to us for it is a well known topic all over the world. on my perception peace is what every human has aimed for. as time goes by peace is obviously lacking for we are not capable in maintaining or improving the peace in our homeland. subsequent to this there are numerous conflagrations that we are facing. an example of this would be the marawi's battle against the maute group. this conflict has been declining the safety and peace in our motherland. nonetheless these dilemmas have resolutions that only the inhabitants of this rural are capable of coming up with a resolution. if we abide building gaps in terms of unity would it cause innumerable discords destructions and a retrograde homeland

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