To what extent is divorce a social epidemic in 21st century? Essay

To what extent is divorce a social epidemic in 21st century?

Topic: Family Values

Centre Name: Beacon Academy

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Candidate Name: Adiawira Pancatama

Candidate Number: 0169

Year: 2019


Year 10 Blue

Individual Report: Family Values

Research Question: To what extent is divorce a social epidemic in 21st century?

Nowadays in the 21st century parents getting divorced or other family issues may seem very normal and usual among every family. In the old times if we would have a friend whose parents were divorced it would be something very unusual and new to us. Instead nowadays in every community or group of friends a lot of them are actually son or daughters of a broken family or houses. Same as broken home, orphan child, or step child are pretty common nowadays and this is all due to parents divorcing.

In today’s world and society, getting divorce and orphan kids are being a much more serious issue (in a different way). A lot of kids are currently orphan due to the amount of parents divorcing and ends up leaving no custody the child from both sides. Some kids are orphan not only because parents divorcing, it may also be about the parents having to face with the law enforcements due to, criminal acts or the usage of drugs. Accidents are also a part of the reason why kids are orphan, and leaving them with no parents behind.

At a certain age as we or they may grow older and tend to understand things better in a wiser way and take issues in a grown or wiser way, it might be easier to deal with a family case like divorcing (broken home) or orphan, adopted child case. These things will just be easier face, but it does not mean that it will not be shocking if it was to happen to anyone.

Divorce, for many people when their parents divorce marks a turning point for in their lives and makes a climax out of it, no matter how long the divorce happened or how many years ago it has and did took place in a child’s life or is taking place right now at this exact moment. According to the research I have done from various sources, about half the marriages in the United States (USA) today ends in a case of divorce, so a great amount of kids and teens across the country of America have to go through this new and unusual turning point in their life.

On the other hand when a case like this happens to us, we can feel very alone, confused and unsure of what it all means. Often times, we may ask ourselves and thoughts like “Who will be there to stick with me?” “Who am I going to live with” and things like this may become a great mental problem for a child, it may affect the psychology that lies in them. Mentally they will be pressured and have to choose between the two parents, a mother or a father. Usually the problem of custody in divorcement case may become one of the most unfair thing for a child. As they do not get to choose with whom they want to live, the father or the mother. Everything about custody will be arranged and faced with the law in the court and will be done legally.

There are some ways for the parents and the kids to still maintain a good contact and relationship between both subjects, and among other ways, one of the way is to still, keep in touch. Going back and forth between two homes may be a tough thing to do, especially if both parents live far apart. This might be and it may be a not bad idea to keep in touch with a parent you barely see due to the distance in between. Even a quick chat directed to them may be a good way to help ease the feelings of missing each other in a parent and child relationship. Making an effort to stay in touch when you're apart can keep both of you up to date on everyday activities and ideas and therefore will make a healthy or healthier bond between the two subjects.

One of the impacts that appears from divorcements are sometimes, Orphans. Out of all the possible impacts that may or will happen in a divorcement, I chose the orphan’s appearances. The reason behind why I chose this is because, the fact that there are orphans that appear after divorcement. This usually happens when the parents were involved in a huge conflict and had made them abandon their kids and ends up as an orphan, which will be adopted taken over by another family legally through the process of law and court, or they may remain under the custody of the government.

Orphans, an orphan is a child who no longer have both parents by his or her side. Usually, we think o sad little kid when we think of orphans, but in reality everyone and anyone whose parents have left them (because death or abandoned) are known as an orphan.

Being an orphan, it doesn’t mean that your life is ruined entirely or that you are officially hopeless in life. There are quite a lot of advantages for you as an orphan. When both parents are no longer by our side, we tend to become more of an adult than before and at most times the feel of fear, the sense of being not afraid of anything slowly fades away. As when you lose your both parents, indirectly you have lost the most important aspect in your life and have faced the strongest and the most powerful turning point that is very difficult to face and to accept. Therefore when you have to face anything else in life, it would not be a shocker for you, because you have already experienced the most shocking turning point in your life, which is the feel of losing your both parents (due to death, or being abandoned).

Another thing about being an orphan is that you it will be easier for you to discover your passion in life and what exactly what you will do in life. Not only easier, but you will also discover about your passion faster. As an orphan who have lost both parents, you will be more wise and will be able to differentiate what truly matters in life.

Global Perspective

The number of divorce are increasing in almost all over the world, including America (USA), European countries as well as Asian countries like China, Indonesia, and etc. A very important explanation for this worldwide increase highlights of divorce rate, greater individualism, and self‐fulfilment, known to be called with the term of Second Demographic Transition. Studies and research from English language countries have proved and shown that children with both parents by their side, tend to score and achieve better in various activities (school, daily life, interaction, and etc) rather than compared to the kids who are known to be orphans who will find it more harder or difficult to live as a normal child who has both parents. This component uses meta‐analytic methods in order to summarise 26 studies conducted in Europe, Asia and a few other parts of the world. These studies yield results comparable to those of earlier meta‐analyses, which will be proven that in general, children who has divorced parents appears to be in a disadvantaged point. As society modernise and new generations come, responsibility is highly focused on the nuclear family who is trusted to care for and raise children as their own.

National Perspective

In Indonesia, most of the time orphan kids arises from the conflicts of extramarital sex or relations, and mostly are underage teenagers with age of usually between 15-17 years old. Most of the performer are underage, therefore they would usually go for abortions (most of the time) or give birth to the child not in a proper way and end leaving the child abandoned in a public society. There are occasions where the newborns are left are usually by the public garbage disposal or just leave him or her randomly stranded in the streets. A very few percentage of the underage parents do actually raise the child, instead of doing sinful deeds to them (the newborn or unborn babies)

Personal Perspective

According to me, as myself is a son of a broken home. The hardest thing to accept is the step parents that we will have, the new people that will enter our lives and play a new role as our parents, new parents in a new chapter of life. Amongst all the group ages, it will be the hardest and the most difficult times for teenagers. In their stages of puberty, where they usually become more emotionally unstable, it may be a tough thing for the teenagers to face and might lead to the mental stability or in any affects in a psychological way.

Possible Scenarios

There are a lot of possibilities of unwanted things for this case, but I am only going to mention a few of the things. There is one thing that gets my attention most, if this case is just going to be taken easily by the governments or anyone who has the rights to change it. The non-responsible underage parents will just be repeating their deeds (even if they know its wrong) if there will be no strong acts or punishments towards people like them. The rate of abortions in Indonesia will increase, and that will make career options like the “abortion doctors” start appearing in which it is actually illegal.

Possible Courses of Action

In my personal opinion I highly think and recommend that, things such as abortion should and must be highly supervised by the local authorities or government. Raids on the illegal abortion clinic should be often conducted by the local police, authorities, and government officials in order to decrease the number of abortions or as well as to prevent the numbers from increasing to a apprehensive level. If the abortion clinic will be successfully busted and people who are involved (the doctor or patient or an individual who supports) are arrested, therefore the number of this business/acts decreases. This whole thing will make the underage parents who were thinking of doing or conducting abortion think twice before doing what they were planning, and hopefully instead they will raise the child normally just the way its suppose to be. A lecture and discourse from a group of volunteers directed to the underage parents in order and give them a chance to realize their mistakes and which hopefully will lead them back into the correct path.

Personal Response

My personal response to this case is that I really expect cases like this will wake up the government and let them know that its not a small thing and for them to actually do something about it. These things will ruin the futures of our upcoming and young generations and will set a bad example to our youngsters. We should know that a case or problem like this is capable to make shame of the whole nation in front of the international world.


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