To What Extent Did The Reality Of Greek Wars Conflict With Their Cultural Ideals? Essay

The Greeks wanted to have a good and happy life. Geek culture was from 525 BC to 350 BC. The Greeks developed a few basis that we have in today’s life. For example, math, beliefs, government, etc.. In Greek society there were plenty of great cycles that had occurred, like the Oedipus, Orpheus, the Trojan War. These wars had impact the Greek society, but at the same time did not. One myth was that man has a place beneath Gods. There are plenty of stories about Gods and their interactions with humans. A few of these myths talk about the Greek bravery. The Greeks had a cultural ideal that impacted philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, and medicine. Literature was an important to the Greek culture. The Greeks were known for sculptures. Greek culture influenced the Roman Empire and many other civilizations, and it continues to influence modern cultures today. Literature and theatre made a huge impact in Greek society. Greek theatre began in the sixth century in Athens. Greek art, sculpture and architecture, was influences in other societies. Greek sculpture inspired from Egypt. It inspired Egypt by the vision of art.

Some sculptures that the Greek had inspired people in today’s life is statue of Eirene. It is a Roman copy of a Greek votive statue sculpted by Kephisodotos, Venus de Milo Statue sculpted by Alexandros of Antioch, Discobolus Statue sculpted by Myron and so many more. I find this so interesting because if you see something/someone that had inspired people from the BCE, that’s cool because now in today’s life you can see it. Some sculptures are in the British Museum. Greek architects had some of the most unique buildings in the entire Ancient World. Some of their sculptures were also like that too.

In an article that I read online, I read that “Myron is the first sculptor who appears to have enlarged the scope of realism, having more rhythms in his art than Polykleitos.” This quote says that the sculpture Myron, is the first sculpture that actually looks realistic since it is enlarged to the point where it looks realistic. This is a plus when a person looks at a sculpture, the viewer loves to see things that are real because it looks like they were there in the moment of when everything was happening. Another cultural ideal of the Greek is shared religion, beliefs and practices. In Greece the religion of Greek people is important in Greek culture. 98% is Christian Orthodox and the rest of the population is Muslims, Catholic and Jewish. In the ancient times the religion was called Hellenism. In the Greek society religion was very important to them. The reason was because they knew that their life would be better and that it would impact the way that they lived. I think this is similar in today life because many people have faith in what they do and what they believe. I know people that have faith in life and that have their faith in God for what is going to happen next. I also believe this, whenever you have faith in a certain time in life and your positive throughout the hard times then good things will eventually come to people that need it. The Greek people also believed in different gods and goddesses, in today life there are plenty of people that believe in other Gods. Like Hinduism, Catholics, Christians, etc.

To get some more information on the Greek society and the how the Greek life was. I read this book about Odyssey. One book that I read was The Odyssey Of Homer by Allen Mandelbaum. This book has multiple stories in one book. There is a total of 24 books in one. It speaks about Homer’s chronicle of the Greek hero, Troy, Odysseus journey home from the Trojan War. In the book it says that many gods and goddesses thought that Odysseus had died in the Trojan War since he went to an island, but that was incorrect. In Greek mythology, the Trojan War lasted for 10 years. It is the greatest war in mythology. The reason that this war started was because of multiple reasons, however one reason was because the three goddesses Athena, Aphrodite and Hera had a fight over a golden apple. Another reason why the war started was because of rescuing Odyssey. In the book it says that he went missing for a few years and gods/goddesses started saying that he died until Troy found him and came to rescue him. A quote to prove that Odysseus was missing and finally returned is “The king said that Odysseus now had been gone… and after he came back, Odysseus meant to sail to Ithaca, his own dear land, returning in the open pry by stealth.” This quote shows that because of all the mistakes that had occurred, the fighting between goddesses, Odysseus getting upset because the god found him and rescued him. This is Fate in today’s world. If all of this did not happen then everything that happened and all the sculptures that we have now, would never been here. Everything would have been so much different.

In conclusion, I believe that the Greek society had a huge impact in today life especially with the different Gods/ Godesses and the different beliefs there are now. I think that if what happened in the BC and BCE then everything now would be so different and there wouldn’t be different people believing what they think is right. Everything happened for a reason and that is why everything is the way it is. That is the midset of the Greek Society.

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