"To Live (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Extraordinary impression on me Akira Kurosawa 'Live': like I was agitated by the idea, but at the same time do not understand how effectively it is brought closer. It seems to me like the game the main actor (especially the pathetic sight), but at the same time and not particularly impressed some of the scenes. In general, everything in order.
problem / idea . The problem to date, probably at all times: the problem of the present life (which it sees the author of the movie), and not stagnation. In addition: the virtue of the relationship between fathers and children, bureaucracy, indifference, and the memory of man, and so on. The very idea, I think, is not the original (a similar idea can be found in other well-known films), but it served it differently than in the rest of the picture. But! filed so that after watching (at least - I) does not appear the very breath of real life, which is so wanted to feel after watching. Perhaps the reason for that is the supply, instead of the expected (which would also be good enough), the main character does nothing but that very nobly (the will of Kurosawa). At the same time, the author raises new problems, due to which I can forgive the lack of effect, because it can be said of one large whole dissipated into several parts and joined to each problem, which can be seen in the picture.
Direction . It is actually very important. Most of the scenes were really dynamic (contrary to one of the reviews that I saw), and though it is usually not expressed in characters, but most of the scenes were filled with dynamics: that some commotion in the background, somebody that work, natural phenomena .. .
composition is also quite competent, except for the very beginning of the film when the audience gives to know that cancer is the main character (I do not think that you can prospoylerit first scene, and in the description of the film is available). Without this treatment to the viewer - a scene with a doctor would look pretty impressive. The rest of the director's work very satisfied, Kurosawa's approach to the creation of the tape came to my taste.
Cinematography . I have nothing to say except that the operator is very wonderful, scene, thanks to him, looked very nice and there was not a single picture, which looked uncomfortable (quite the contrary, some scenes looked very impressive, for example, opening the mood and the situation of the hero).
script . Here are some moments of the film script disappoint. Details, of course, were not bad, but they can be expressed and better in any other way, even more enjoyable. The same situation with the dialogue in the face of the protagonist would like to see other cues that I heard (with the same content, but on another swipe). But the time to dialogue can be even lower, given that the film I watched in translation and who knows what could subtilize translators. In general, the script: arranged, but the moment could be better
About the rest .. Acting very decent (although I do not have a special taste, judging only by their own feelings), although, as I thought, monotony Takashi Shimura (but this time, too, could be omitted, because, as we are given to know the protagonist is not I lived and existed for thirty years). installation about: he did not satisfy me only transitions that instead of the usual scene change (scene darkened, the following), for some reason, use moving shift. For the rest, I did not notice anything that could not satisfy me, feeling uncertainty of what is happening (time and place) was not. The musical component does not distract from the picture, but on the contrary, sank into it
In general, I liked the picture, there are interesting ideas, and most importantly -. I really liked the approach to the creation of the film his scenes. The idea, though not that way effectively made (again, again), but at the same time she looked, and other interesting and important problems.
8 out of 10

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