"To Live (1952)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Ask yourself this question honestly. Without alcohol, without courage, bravado and all the rest, that so spurs on a rant. Look at yourself naked. Well? Do not worry, the only answer may be no. And you have nothing to blame. And who will answer yes? Perhaps the one who has nothing to lose. A person who no longer has his life. It is strange that no one is afraid to die. People live as if death did not feel as if this last border crossing he does not know he is very, very far away. Interestingly it turns out that as soon as the man warned of an incurable illness, he begins to feel the presence of death is inseparable from his being. One can only listen to the soul, to be honest, straightforward and honest. Where suddenly taken all this power
The protagonist of this film - a man who was forced to be resurrected from the world of the dead. At the beginning of the announcer pronounces the words: 'He seems to be busy, but in fact does not do anything. " That's how people in small concerns loses himself and his own personality. Desires are good because they are ignited with the instant speed and bad that as quickly stuhayut. If you direct your energy in one direction, then the person starts to deform in proportion to the level of the applied force.
old man learned the terrible diagnosis in the form softens. The doctor says it's common ulcer. At the hospital, our hero sits the man who denounces Dr. lies. And then rolls despair. He was the first to miss work for 29 years, moreover, had never even leave not taken. The old man burned, become dry and hard. The bureaucratic machine - just a pair of tweezers, which reveals the human characters and nature. The clerks who sit on the various departments do not see anything, not even himself, and therefore, it can be assumed, die much faster. When a man is tired to complain about life - he pauses. The old man is aware that not done anything worthwhile in life. Stamped on pieces of paper - the only thing that his hand. From young, lively and so childishly naive employee hears what it called 'Mummy'. This puts the imprint of tragic past years.
overestimate life is not always easy, especially when it must be done in a short time. It is only 6 months. The old man hardly spoke to anyone about their illness. Because of this, rumors at work and at home think that in his old age, he decided to go on a spree. Misunderstanding increases. All that the old man had done for her son, but he could not see it, and it was not necessary. All he wanted a son -.
legacy latter half of the film reveals the relationship old man who knew what to do to realize that the only thing worth doing - it is instead a cesspool make a playground. He takes the initiative and is seeking construction confident and humble way. All this we hear from the lips of his staff. They fight and glorify the hero he is a funeral, belittle themselves and shout. Supreme authority believes that the achievements in the construction of the park not so much his as the state machinery as a whole.
Akira Kurosawa skillfully as a surgeon, shows the ins and outs of small mercantile human souls that are unable to build a full-fledged relationship not only with others, but also with own thoughts. Such people as well, and are deprived of a very important ability - to help. Aesthetics reality pierces the heart of a sharp pen. Takashi Shimura transfers in their facial expressions more than a single disease, and the old man's meal. His face is visible eternity intractable human problems.
This movie is about conscience, about what's never too late to do something worthwhile, about the bravery and courage to finish the job, about the resistance and steadfastness. When life is given to the disease and are a matter of hours, then people forget about themselves ready to do something big. And it's big - step to find life itself
I think that people do not have time to hate each other, and for this we need to be patient, for this you just have to stop and cry aloud his face: -. I Man 10 of 10

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